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  • P.W. P.W. Jan 3, 2009 8:25 AM Flag

    A MUST READ 100%.

    You people are so stupid...You say don't play with a commish who cheat, well there are thousands of commish's out there and i know of only 3 who have cheated so far i am in 3 leagues that continue everey year and they are fair and i a commish 2 of them...but i have 3 other accounts and play full teams on them so you have to take a chance and hope the commish is honest...the public leagues suck...because i like to play the individual defensive players...The only way to avoid cheating commishes is to comish yourself or join a sorry as public league!!!!

    Yahoo can easily make the proper changes to keep a commish from stealing games and championships...There are atleast two commishes on here that have abused the commishes tools to steal money in some league...There is where you have to be smart and never play for money unless you personally know the commish.

    Yahoo needs to step it up and make fantasy fun again so their customers can join any league they want without the worry, is the commish a criminal or just a cheater out to win and steal money in money leagues!!!

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    • YAHOO must change the league because 40 people out of 0ver a million complain .. not to mention yahoo clearly warn you about joining private league .. not to mention every single year the same ammount of people complain about cheating and yahoo does nothing .. I don't blame them it 40 out of a million who cares ..

      personal resposibilty say you should not join a private league you are not sure of .. so if your too stupid to heed yahoo's warning about commish it is thier fault ? come one ... open your eyes you choose to play in a league yahoo warned you about .. DUH !


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