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  • Nicks name is Nick (duh!!! next question....) Nicks name is Nick (duh!!! next question....) Dec 23, 2008 12:12 PM Flag

    FF Champs POST HERE!!!

    3 leagues:

    1st of 10
    2nd of 10
    7th of 12

    First place was innogoraul year of keeper league, set up good for the future too!

    2nd place in my public league (I always seem to end up #2 in Y! public leagues!)

    7th place I'm pissed about. JUST missed the playoffs because one owner didn't take my advice and start S-Jax in week 14 causing him to lose to the uy I needed him to beat. had he done that, (or had any of my players scored ONE MORE TD AT ANY POINT DURING THE SEASON) I'd be the champion in that league! grrrr....


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