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  • Nathan S Nathan S Dec 16, 2008 10:17 AM Flag

    Team A or B

    Team A

    If gore plays its a shoe in.

    Warner has something to prove
    Brees is in Det...NO will run
    Fitz gives double points
    Smith is a stud
    Marshall is due
    Wayne or harrison...its every week
    White will provide
    Johnson vs Oakland...don't see it
    AP always good
    Gore check status
    Westbrook - He still plays for Philli? DM is tearing it up...Short week don't like
    ronnie Brown...Good points this week
    TG - comming on strong late...
    Shockey - I like TG better
    Baltimore by a land slide.

    Over all team A matches up with Team B better but it all swings on Warner and NE def. Check the status of Gore this week to be sure he is available.

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