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  • RogerdGreat RogerdGreat Dec 13, 2008 8:35 AM Flag

    What works? Fantasy Pts. or Team Matchups

    I posted this on the "Who to Start" board, but I thought I'd also start a debate on what works better: fantasy pts. or team matchups, or a combination, or something else? Our league doesn't use any of the stat tracker or other subscription services, just what's free.

    Here was the post:

    Which TWO should I start at WR?
    a. Santana Moss-Was (7-6) playing @ Cin (1-11) - projected pts: 10
    b. Don Driver-GB (5-8) vs. @Jac (4-9) - pp: 10
    c. Terrell Owens-Dal (8-5) playing NYG (11-2) -pp: 12
    d. Eddie Royal-Den (8-5) playing @ Car (10-3) - pp: 16

    According to projected fantasy points, I should start Owens and Royal. But according to who they're playing this week, I might play Moss and Driver. They are both playing last place teams (although GB might be also if Detroit weren't in their league).

    So which should I place more weight on: fantasy points or team matchups? Personally, I've been relying on fantasy points most since team matchups take a lot more time to look up. I'm just not consistent in my league.

    Now that it's fantasy playoffs time, I might rely more on team matchups now that there's a record.

    So let me know which TWO I should start at WR and what you use that works for you.

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    • the way i look at it for a receiver, if a team is gonna be losing theyre gonna pass the ball. if a team is gonna be up 2 touchdowns all game they probably wont pass as much..so i usually play my receivers whose teams i expect to lose after of course determining who the player is..im not gonna start brandon stokely over TO because i think the cowboys are gonna win..obviously. with the exception of the Cardinals,Broncos, and Saints most teams run when they have the lead. im 11-3 this year so far that strategy has worked for me

    • I always play the match up. Go to nfl.com and look at the stats/rankings of the defense your options are playing against. For example Denver is currently ranked #27 against the pass.

      It works for me, I am 12-1 in my twelve man league so I know that a little research on matchups have worked well this year.

    • I usually go for the matchup just because projections are just that, projections. It has saved me many times versus buying into the so-called expert projections. With that being said, all four matchups are intriguing but I would start Owens and Royal because the other two could be seeing less balls by looking at the defenses they are playing. Portis and Grant should have great games so how many balls are left to go around and who gets them? Good luck!


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