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  • DCaf DCaf Nov 10, 2008 4:22 PM Flag

    Did I "cheat" as commish?

    I am the commsioner of a 12 team league. Me and one other guy hadn't won a single game yet going into week 10. We were both playing really good teams. So I used my power to bench all the players on the teams we were facing. Now those teams are mad and saying it wasn't "fair" and that I "cheated". I don't see how anyone could say it is unfair bc I hadn't won a game yet and the only reason they are so good is bc they put alot of time into it. Well they want out of the league now. We all put in $50 at the beginnning of the season. Should I just keep their money?

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    • If you have to ask then you already know. Why do you need a group of people that you do not know to help you ease your conscience?

      Find a way to make this right as soon as possible. Otherwise you will not be able to play with these players again and you may not have them as friends. Do you have the power as commissioner to make the results count for last week? Admit freely that you made a mistake and you MAY be forgiven.

      Good luck.

    • Its scary to think that this many people are that gullible to believe this traveshamockery. Well done backstreetboi.

    • yes - keep there money. Bunch of cheating spoiled brats. Sorry for the hassle those stupid team members put you through I sometimes deal wit that in my league. In fact, I even heard that you can reverse time and take all of there players out for the first ten weeks, which would definately make things fair since you are a commish and you should without question excercise your powers.

    • Wow you must be like 5. Do you think you can just do whatever you want to make yourself win? And whats even worse is that you actually admitted that the other teams were good because they put a lot of time into it and try.. THATS EXACTLY IT! Its not their fault that your team is worthless! If you havent been putting any effort into it and they have then they should be winning! Do you think you can just have whatever you want without having to try for it? God youre pathetic..

    • Hell yes you cheated. What were you thinking when you decided to bench the other teams players. You may have wanted a win but thats just not the way to get it. If your team had zero in the win column that tells a couple of things. You must really suck at fantasy football, you may not suck but you don't want to put the time into it to try to make a team that is competative, and that you should never have been a commish if you didn't have a valid reason for benching any teams players but your own. I may sound like a hard ass about this but I've seen to many commish's abuse the power that they have. If you wnt to play fantasy football then you have to play it fairly, you have to put some time into if you want a team that is worthy. It doesn't take as much time as you think. I'm in 17 internet leagues on various sites with some teams doing well and others really sucking. I'm the commish in three of them but won't cheat to say I can win. As for the money, honestly you should return it because you took away those teams owners a chance to win, you took away their chance to be league champions. If you chose to not return it then that says something all together different about you as a person. Time to grow up, play like a man or take your ball and go home.

    • Your an idiot for even asking such a stupid question! Your one of those guys that thinks everyone needs to play because sports are just for fun and not competitive too probably!! GET A CLUE!!

    • That's defintely cheating bud. By u benching their players and costing them wins it will directly effect the playoff picture as well as their total points ( which in a 14 team league is very important). If it was a free league its still cheatin but who cares ur playin for nothing but since money's involved u just either make ammends or refund their money. I've been playin FF in $ leagues for 6 yrs. and have never heard of anything so absurd. STEP IT UP COMMISH! JUST BC UR TEAM SUX AND U DONT CARE DOESNT MEAN THEY FEEL THAT WAY TOO. RECTIFY THE POINTS OR GIVE THEM THEIR $.

    • You must be a moron. If i was one of those teams who lost due to your antics, I would hunt you down and whip your ass and get my 50 bucks back. What a stupid ass question. PS if you're going to be a commissioner, you might want to have a clue about the NFL haha. DumbAss

    • The fact you even have to ask yourself or others if you cheated, shows how much of a moron you are. If I was in your league and you didn't give my money back you would have 2 broken legs right now. Do everyone a favor and stop playing fantasy.

    • Dude, you got more time on your hand than you know what to do with if you are seriously asking this question.

      I'd suggest the 2 owners take your Commish computer, shove them up your $%# and then take their money from you.

      You're a moron .

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