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  • cas76 cas76 Oct 9, 2008 9:41 AM Flag

    Keeper League trade

    In a keeper league, should I trade Romo/Cooley/Berrian for McNabb/McFadden/Chris Henry?

    Passing TDs are only worth 4 pts, while rushing and receiving are the traditional 6 pts.

    My other RBs are AP, Jamal Lewis, Lendale White.

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    • no i wouldnt do it

      mcnabb is the most injury prone qb since mcnair. he'll have between 8-10 decent games a year and thats about it.

      mcfadden is nice but so is fargas and michael bush and they are all young. i dont see mcfadds getting the majority of carries there for quite some time

      though td passes are only worth 4 Romo has the potential to throw 4 or 5 a game on any given night and he's got years left
      Cooley is a consistant TE and you dfont want anything to do wit Henry.... oh baby!

      please answer my post as well