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  • Darious Darious Sep 14, 2008 7:22 PM Flag

    Paying for up to stat tracking

    What the hell. When did Yahoo decide that we need to pay to see the stats our fantasy players earn. Last week we didn't need to pay and now this week we do? If this doesn't change then I will play fanstay football somewhere else.

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    • Agreed, paying for something you can get free somewhere else is retarded. NOT PAYING YAHOO, AND for sure NOT PLAYING YAHOO anymore.

    • why are some of you guys flaming ppl for being upset about having to pay when so many other sites offer the info for free? maybe its their first time here and didnt know there was a cost associated. this is my first fantasy experience and i didnt know it wasnt free after week 1. i was upset but i got over it, i either pay the fee or not. ppl are just frustrated and yahoo should disclaim that it isnt entirely free.

      some of you guys are attacking these ppl as if they offended you personally in some way...and btw, for those of you concerned about the company's profit margin, i doubt very much that stat-tracker will make or break yahoo...


      All of the other sites are better. I joined this Fantasy League because the one of my friends started the league. Next time we are going to elsewhere.

    • It takes 2 seconds to figure out the points in your head... You guys are just lazy.

      Side note: Yahoo is only good for FREE fantasy football, if you want to join a REAL league with updated stats I reccomend CBS sports fantasy football.

    • I have no problem paying $10 or more to see up to the second stats on all players if I was in a serious league for money. But I have hard time paying any money to see fantasy player/team scores based on a up to the hour basis. To wait till the end of the NFL week for Fantasy scores is truly nickeling and diming casual players. If they want to remain competitive in the advertising space, they should look at other methods of peddling the instant tracker. Let us see the scores!!!

    • The yahoo stat-tracker is worth paying the 10 bucks for. I've played on NFL.com, espn, cbs and a few others and Yahoo blows them all away. It's the only stat-tracker that you can view all the play-by-play action on all the games at the same time. It is MUCH more then just a way to get your live fantasy score.

    • CBS doesn't cost anything and updates immediately for free. CBS also has better information on the players and in my opinion a better layout. We're stuck with yahoo for this season but maybe a switch to CBS would be better next summer.
      Just my two cents worth.

    • This is the second year in a row that I've used Yahoo for fantasy football. Last year I went ahead and paid for the Stat Traker and was very unimpressed. This will be the last year I use Yahoo. CBS Sportsline offers totally free fantasy football as does NFL.com. I predict that Yahoo will find their subscriptions are tapering off as fans migrate to greener fields.

    • I've been with Yahoo for 7 years now. They have always charged for stat tracker after the first week. That is why there is a HUGE box above the standings on your main league page that says "Free Stat Tracker ends on Sept. 7, you must subscribe to continue to recieve live scoring." Or did you just not pay any attention to that? What is the big deal? Is it that hard to look at the box score and see your RB had 84 yards and 1 td then do the math, he scored 14 pts. or just wait until Monday morning for the score.

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      • The "Big Deal" is every other big name Fantasy Football website offers FREE live scoring. I've used CBS Sportsline, FOX, ESPN.com, and NFL.com and all four sites offer fantasy play that is comparable if not better than Yahoo's without having to pony up one cent to watch your players' scores update. If Yahoo wants to offer "free" fantasy football as well as a premium league, it should be completely free to be competitive with other sites. I highly recommend everyone check out CBS' Sportsline.com or NFL.com

    • This will be my last yahoo league because of the cost to see live scores. There are too many other league options that do provide this "feature" for free - many better than what stat tracker even provides for 9.99. For the rest of the year, I'll be using Statfink for my live scores, then will never look back.


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