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  • David G David G Dec 29, 2007 6:34 PM Flag

    Won Championship!!! Need to select keepers, any help?

    I won my league and need to select keepers, this is my first keeper league so I need help.
    I get to keep three and these are my best players, who should I keep?

    B. Rothlisburger
    M. Jones-Drew
    L. Fitzgearld
    R. Bush
    J. Witten
    Chargers Def.

    Is a Def or TE worth keeping? Witten is doing great this year.

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    • I would keep Bush, Fitzgerald and Jones Drew. I always like to keep the skill positions stocked. Tight Ends and Defenses you can draft next year.

    • Definitely keep Jones-Drew, Bush & Fitzgerald. You will always be able to draft a quality QB. Good RB's & WR's are hard to come by.

    • MJD, Fitz, and Whitten. Bush is only gonna be worth keeping if it is a point per reception league. He had a chance when Deuce went down to become a fantasy star. Did that come even close to happening? At least in Whitten you have a guy who caught 100 passes from the TE position. Zim

    • with that bunch and looks like your playing under yahoo league scoring

      I save witten, fitzgearld,chargers def

      ben's not a good fantasy qb, jones is a backup, bush sucks

      no a te not worth saving unless it's gates but look what your working with or drop witten and save someone else but only to trade that person

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      • Ben does have fantasy value but he may not be a keeper depending on who else is let go by other teams. I definiely wouldn't keep a defense though as too many things can happen to tear them apart. If you keep a single player and he gets traded, he will still perform and have value with his new team. If too many changes are made on a defense, they could be worthless next year.

        You can usually find a good defense every week on the FA list. In one of my leagues, I finished 2nd with a 9-5 record. I didn't daft a D until the 12th round when I took Seattle. I used 4 different defenses during the course of the year and totaled 197 points (even with a -1 effort from Jax in week 9 against NO). Only San Diego's D had more points for the year than that. Any other D I had taken and stuck with the whole year would not have been as good.

    • If you can wait until preseason next year,I would.The players you didn't mention could be traded or become a larger part of the offense.For example,if Warrick Dunn retires then Norwood's value goes way up.Just a thought.

    • I would keep the 3 below:

      Big Ben is developing into a proven QB in the league. Fitz is a defintie #1 WR and still young and MJD will eventually become the #1 back in Jacksonville. Some may say Bush, but he splits carries as well. Unless you are in a PPR league, he may be more valuable. Good luck with your decision.

      B. Rothlisburger
      M. Jones-Drew
      L. Fitzgearld

    • I wouldn't keep a D or a TE and most likely wouldn't keep Bush. I would actually keep Witten over Bush as he has been a bust from day one and doesn't have what it takes to be an every down back. With Stecker and McAlister both there, he won't get enough touches. What are your other options?

    • when considering next year in a keeper league, you have to focus on where you can improve. At QB you are unlikely to find a better player than Ben in free agency/rookie drafts. Fitzgerald should be a top-10 reciever for the next few years so again no likely upgrade. Witten is probably top-2 TE so is a keeper. MJD and Bush are middle of the pack runners who could be replaced and improved by a top rookie or free agent. I would not use a keeper on a DEF.

    • I would never keep a Def or a TE (unless my team is very week) Keep Fitz, MJD, and I would pick Ben over Bush but it is a close one. Most keeper leagues don't make you declair your keepers until right before the draft, so that would give you time to evaluate durring training camp. Also, you might be able to trade Ben or Bush to a weeker team and move up in the draft, or package them for one better player. Good luck

    • i say u keep ben ur gonna need a good qb hes very reliable stick with him, i say u take witten hes a big target for romo and getting a good te is hard, and finnaly take jones drew ur gonna need a franchise rb goign into the next year thoi guess hes not that great since he splits carries, but id take a rb b4 a wr

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