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  • A-ROB A-ROB Dec 25, 2007 9:43 PM Flag

    Merry Cristmas to all PATS fans

    We all get to see the best team ever created in the NFL, and it being our precious PATRIOTS....I would like to thank BOB KRAFT for the wonderfull gifts he gave us this year,,,6th round pick TOM BRADY, heart problem player TEDDY BRUSKI, stubborn jerk ASANTE SAMUEL, kill roy RODNEY HARRISON, when need to run LAWERENCE MARONEY, brick house MATT LIGHT, moss coverage WELLWORTH, and 4 MILLION LESS IN HIS BANK TO BE WITH A WINNING TEAM,,,(((RANDY FUCN MOSS))).....MERRY CRISTMAS TO ALL THE PATRIOT FANS...LOL

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    • No PATS lovers before bedtime,? to admit and add to the wonderfull gifts that BOB KRAFT has given us?...come on surely I missed a few..........

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      • Hardly the best team ever. Nice strategy by Bill though. Probably the best offensive line in the free agent era.1. Don't need a defense.2. Protect Brady(enough time to read the Herald). 3 Have Moss to throw to. 4.By 2nd quarter opposing teams running game is useless. 5. Blitz, and Blitz again. Game over. Pay *Bill* millions for his genius???. Wait, if the offensive line is so good ,why can't they run?Plan 'B'.Forget running,protect Brady and get him a receiver. Case closed. I don't consider that genius.


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