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  • Drew L Drew L Dec 25, 2007 6:28 PM Flag

    League Champs reply here

    Congrats to everyone who played fantasy in the yahoo league and won the league championship. Whether it stem from being at the top of the league all year or having to climb the ranks of your opponents and gradually work your way to the champ it is all well deserved and I commend you for being atop the top. I played in the gambling junkies league, and I would like for you if time permits to look at the way and the moves I had to make and the different ranks in my league week for week I went to and it will amaze you. Fantasy is a fun thing anyone can enjoy, whether it be man or female or the age of the fantasy owner. It could also be used as a tool for a young child to develope skills learning ways to use the computer and do research to find out the weather of the game because that is the #1 key to the way I won my championship game. It's enough said on my part because now I feel like I am rambling but PLEASE check me out and the moves I made ALL YEAR long to get to where I got and where WE ALL got... YAHOO FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPS!!!!! Bowl Bound is the name of my team in the league Gambling Junkies


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