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  • rJ rJ Dec 24, 2007 6:07 PM Flag

    Rivers or Cutler in a finals decided on monday.

    In the finals of my league I'm down by 12 going into MNF. "All Day" screwed me last night so now I'm in a nail biter, and I'm only close because of Marion Barber's 3 TD game.

    I have Cutler, Rivers and LT.

    The guy I'm playing has Chris Chambers going tonight.

    My question is, would you start Rivers, that way I score double on any pass to LT for a TD and also any TD pass to Chambers gets him nowhere basically and I let LT beat him, or start Cutler and hope Crime Time Cromartie and those SD LB's don't kill Cutler.

    The game is in SD and Cutler is horrible on the road, but SD could rest Rivers for most of the game because he's banged up.

    I'm leaning towards taking my chances with Cutler because I don't see Rivers playing the whole game, or playing well at all, but would love to hear what you guys think.

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    • I am in a similar situation with a 6 pt lead. I have both QBs you mention and my opponent has Gates.

      I am opting to go with Rivers and keeping my fingers crossed that Rivers stays in the game long enough.

      I have posted this question in several other places today and am getting responses on both sides. Cutler vs SD D vs Rivers vs Denver' stronger pass D. I am just hoping that Rivers can lob a 5 yard pass to Tomlinson and let him do the rest.

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      • I'm guessing Rivers and hope for the best, if Billy Volek lights me up with 3TD's to Chambers I'm gonna be so pissed.

        I guess it makes the most sense, considering he can't do anything with Chambers against me with Rivers in the game, I just have to assume LT will rush for 100yds and 1TD.

        Unless anyone else wants to offer advice.

    • Anyone else want to share an opinion? Champion gets $900, 2nd place gets $100 so it's kind of a big deal.

    • cutler, because he wants revenge for the last score in week 5 and they will try to ruin chargers season by scoring around 4 times, believe me man he will pull it off, its going to be a close game but cutler will get you the points you need.

    • you shouldn't have to worry about anything, at least i wouldn't be.
      say LT has a mediocre day and only plays half, he's good for 60 yds and maybe a td. so we'll call that 9 points. that should cancel out whatever #'s chambers puts up.
      its a toss up between the qb's. don't have a paper in front of me but i'd go with whoever is at home. but on the flip side, rivers did have his best game of the year earlier vs the broncs. either way, you should easily overcome the 12 points that you're trailing by.
      both qb's have weapons to throw to, but my opinion would be rivers. it will also offset any points put up by chambers.

    • The Chargers are still playing for the 3 seed.. so I would go Rivers. LT will easily outscore Chambers by 12 by himself, but Rivers won't hurt.


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