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  • Chris C. Chris C. Dec 24, 2007 2:59 PM Flag

    Points prediction please

    I am currently trailing by 13 points in the championship. Tonight, I have LT and Kaeding, and my opponent has San Diego DEF. How do my chances look?

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    • close but i think the guys got you beat

    • It's gonna be close, but you'll get 7 points everytime LT scores a TD, a point for every 10 yards, and 3 for every FG, so I'm guessing he'll have about 7 to 10 points for his defense, which means you need LT to get about 40 yards and a TD, or 3 field goals by kaeding, to win. Hope this teaches you not to draft high on kickers.

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      • Wait...I forgot to factor in the 13 points he's already got you beat by, which means if the Chargers DST generates 10 points you need LT and Kaeding to get 24 to win. LT will probably get at least one, maybe two touchdowns. If he gets 2 touchdowns, LT still needs to get 120 all-purpose yards for you to beat him and that's if the Chargers defense only gets 10 points. If LT only gets one touchdown, you need Kaeding to get 2 field goals against the weak Broncos redzone defense.

        Personally, I don't care how a single San Diego player does tonight, as long as Brandon Marshall gets 17 points I should be in the clear to win my championship!


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