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  • Wes T Wes T Dec 18, 2007 1:41 AM Flag

    Anybody reported a commish before? Please help me out here...

    My buddy is in a custom league and he thinks the commish. is changing his roster (and possibly other peoples) throughout the day on Sundays...as in after his player has played, pulling the guy after a bad game and inserting another.

    Is there any way to tell when this is happening and will Yahoo do anything to investigate and bust him? I realize there are thousands of leagues....just wondered how much Yahoo cares...any experience?

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    • Yahoo doesn't do anything. It's a free site with tons of awful players. To rid the site of the cheaters and clowns with no clue would rid the site of 90% of the players.

    • If he is posting racist and vulgar things they may do something, but they wont do Cr*p for cheating. Happens all the time. Ive reported with a sorry, all they can do is send (most likely pre-typed statement) informing the manager of the complaints.
      In the past I complaing about 3 friends trading big time unfair trades -- one being the manager -- and the trades went through. It was a private money league (learned a lesson on that) and When I complained I was locked out of the league. And the league im in now a team dropped their best WR they had played EVERY game and she lost the game without his 20 points, thus knocking me out of the playoffs.
      Ive b*tched and screamed but nothing works, the only way I can see stopping this from happening agains so Next year I will be my a manager. $25 or $50 a team.

    • There is no way Yahoo can prove anything. What you need to do is print everyone's starting roster just after kick off. I've never done that before but would if I thought my Commish was cheating... then quit after the season.

    • live stat tracker and take picturessssss

    • i doubt yahoo really cares since we don't pay to play. i think the only way to prove it would have been to get screen shots of his lineup after the games started and then when the games were done to get another screen shot of his lineup and compare.


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