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    What he did is absolutely reprenshible. He cost me a playoff win. He has been permanetly benched and will never start again for my team in my keeper league. Yahoo should take him off the Undroppable list. I know I cant be the only one affected by his actions. I would like to see Yahoo drop him permanetly from the game.

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    • One of the most selfless acts ever seen on a gridiron came in Dallas on Sunday, when Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook gave up an easy touchdown in order to take a knee just before the Dallas Cowboys' line.

      Per published reports, Westbrook was told by offensive tackle John Runyan not to score.

      "He said, 'Listen, if you get down to the one, take a knee,'" Westbrook said. "I was like, 'Ahhh ...' He said, 'Take a knee, Westbrook, take a knee.

    • But you and I both know that will not happen. I am not an Eagles fan by the way. I am a Steelers fan.

    • I respect your opinion. Its opinion A vs opinion B. Your right there are different types of fans. People that only care about winning and losing and theese fans are probably the ones that dont play Fantasy Football. Eagles fans probably are the best example of this, they are so passionate about their team that any criticism of their team or praise for another team, is viewed as a traitor. Its one of the reasons I cant stand the Eagles. Theese are proobably the same fans that have been against me all day. Their fans are impossible to communicate an opinion with. It just so happens that Westbrook plays for the Eagles, but its not my hatred for the Eagles that even driving this issue. Westbrook did something, that in my view, my opinion, violated the public trust. He slighted, screwed and alienated a multi billon dollar industry, which pays a portion, maybe not a big portion but yet still a portion, of his contract. He deserves to be punished by this industry, and again its my opinon, he deserves to be banned and not payed for the rest of his career.

    • lol Darth your an idiot. You dont know me, infact I played em all since i was kid. No im not some professional athelte but I did play Legion Ball in HS. At this point im over the fact that i lost, I can care less. Losing is one thing, getting screwed is something else, especially getting screwed by a player who violated a core value I have and something I feel really strong about.

    • yes it does

    • prove that statement. If I can see that in writing, print, or hear it from the offensive coordinator, Ill retract all my statements. Thats a totally different situation. .Thats being told to do something.

    • You make some good points but you cannot have it both ways. If he does what is best for FF then he does not do what is best for his real team. What about fans who he works for as you put it that do not play FF and only want the Eagles to win or Cowboys to lose. If he does not go down it is not in their best interest. It would give Dallas a chance to win. He plays for the Eagles first. ANything else should not even be on his mind. You cannot have it both ways and the NFL comes before FF.

    • The coordinator told him to take a knee if he got the first down... He said it in the interviews afterward.....

      Either way Bill, that doesn't change that that you are stupid, and completely blinded by the fact you lost in fantasy. You haven't made a single argument back up by a single fact. Don't you think if Westbrook violated a contract that it would be all over the news today???

      You obviously have never played football (or probably any sport) at a real competitive level.

    • And I work for the federal government, what does that have to do with anything. .No im not. He violated a portion of his contract. And I dont care what degree you have your still wrong. There is an integrity clause in every pro sports contract. Your gonna say he didint violate anything, im gonna say he did, isnt that why there is a legal system?, to resolve disputes? Im not gonna go to that level and get involved in this legally, but I can voice my opinion. I dont want his entire Eagle salary not payed to him, he doesnt deserve that, but he does deserve not to be payed by any Fantasy League ever again. You say he doesnt work for me, not directly no that part your right, but pro athletes work for their fans not for the person whos name is on the check. Without the fans there are no pro athletes anywhere. Thats a whole issue in itself, which I dont feel like getting into.

    • He also probably saved other teams, however, who were going against any Dallas offensive players, by keeping them off the field. Bad luck.

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