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  • mLx mLx Dec 12, 2007 7:34 PM Flag

    Rate MY Amazing Allstar Team

    i have the best team ever
    this is a 12 person league
    i had the best draft ever and had huge pickups early in the season
    my league goes by most points, no records
    i have 6,000 points, wiht normal yahoo rules
    here is my team,

    peyton manning
    tony romo

    braylon edwards
    randy moss
    marques colston
    joey galloway

    ladanian tomlinson
    brian westbrook

    jason witten

    rob bironas

    green bay

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    • Hey man....you still havent rated my team.....i swear i drafted this 2
      QB-Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway
      WR-Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Tim Brown
      RB-Walter Peyton, Emmit Smith, Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk
      TE-Shannon Sharp
      K-Gary Anderson
      DEF-'85 Bears, 70s Steelers

      Please man rate this team cause its accually more believeable than yours.....Merry Christmas Liar!!! Maybe I should post a fake link to a league that isnt even the one your describing too.....

    • your full of shit you little homosexual

      and a stupid link doesnt do shit to people who arent in the league... you can only see leagues you are a member in

      your either in a league with 12 teams, all of which are managed by you, in a league with 3 year olds, or making up shit because there is no f*cking way you have that team... I'm in an 8 team league and I don't have anywhere close to that kind of team...

      I hate you immature little kids who think you are funny making this shit up to get attention

    • Either you are a big liar or your in a league with people that cant draft! I THINK YOU're LYING Lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, you may be great. Then again you may just be playing with a bunch of people who had to ride the short bus to school. (No offense to you short bus folks) There is no way that even if P Manning was the first pick that 11 other QB's would be picked ahead of Romo, let alone having LT and Westbrook together. Playing with retards or you are full of it.

    • What about this team peyton and bree's wr owen's , moss, welker, and clayton,/ dallas clark at tightend adrian petersn all day, addia, westbrook , marion barber, and fred taylor at rb. gb's kicker which
      leads the league and jacksonville at defense dropped other kickers and defense to pick up taylor and westbrook.

    • I just won the championship in my league with a season ending 1805 pts. in my league which does not score in a standard yahoo manner but in a way that allows slightly higher scoring, i added the 16 week fantasy pts total for the top 21 players in order to come up with 6000 pts so excuse me if i say you are full of it. not to mention the team you speak of includes the number 2,3,4,5,6 ranked players as well as the number 3 and 12 ranked defense. i believe you have fabricated a unbelievable story in a room that is visited primarily by fantasy players of whom have by their replies demonstrated more intelligence than yor post but keep dreamin'

    • "ur dumb, go jerk off " is all you got, Beaver. Have you noticed that you are communicating with an intelligent message board community that is far over your head.You are a liar, a fraud and somebody who has been called out by that community. Over 90% of the replies to your initial post has made you a messaage board laughing stock.Your ability to rank or offer up advice is living proof that you haven't lived past 15. Here is an idea,Lil Man.Go figure out what you want to be when you grow up and along the way,learn to tell the truth before reposting anything in this community.

    • Yah and his bench had Brett Favre, Kellen Winslow, Wes Welker and Derek Anerson!!!

    • ur dumb, go jerk off

    • Are you just a STUPID f*ck or what? It is YOUR league and the only access to YOUR link is by using your id and password. Here is a thought,Dumb*ss, cut and paste your Yahoo home page to this thread that would include your roster....

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