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  • AD4MVP AD4MVP Nov 9, 2007 6:42 PM Flag

    Please Help Me big Controversy

    I am the Commisioner and our schedule is done randomly at the beggining of each year just like any other. Well now this one member is mad and keeps texting me to change the schedule cuz he is mad that i play the 2 worst teams 3 weeks in a row. He is also saying that we should change it cuz he plays in his opinion the 3 worst teams now.

    What do i tell him cuz i am not going to change it but he keeps complaining

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    • Tell him that yahoo makes the schedule randomly prior to the season starting and that you have nothing to do with it....nor do have anything to do with how good or bad other teams may be....

    • Agree with the consensus. Tell him if he so pissed tell him he can be excused from running his team and find a owner that fantasy football is just that "fantasy".

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    • Tell him to quit crying. Everyone plays everyone. You did not know the other teams would suck.

    • Tell him to man up and quit whining like a lil' biatch. Thats just the luck of the draw.

      1) it was random

      2) maybe he should make some trades to improve his chances

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      • I have already told him that and he keeps saying that it isn't fair. Here is what he says.

        "It's unfair that im like a bubble team and i play the best two teams twice and kent(who he is competing with for playoffs) whos in front of me has a cakewalk schedule into the playoffs"

        i dont want to yell at him tho cuz he is huge and strong and like a fighter at school and gets in fights over stupid stuff like this.

        What do i say cuz i keep telling him it is unlucky of a schedule for him but he just keeps saying how unfair it is


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