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    on 10/20/07 i had a trade accepted by my league, taking 2 days for fantasy football to approve, on 10/22/07 i get a email saying it got vetoed by the same league that approved it, how is that and how can i find out who was behind it

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    • When a trade is initially accepted, it is accepted by the two managers involved. The rest of the league then has two days to review the trade and either vote against it or let it pass. I believe it only requires 1/3 of the league to vote against the trade to veto it. So on 10/20 the two players approved the trade, but when it went before the league for final approval, 1/3 of the teams voted against it before the 2 day waiting period ended on 10/22.

    • I would confront the Commish before making a stink about it. May be a glich in the system, or default view may make deal look approved until all votes are in. I have no idea but if you feel you were wronged after communication with the Commish, voice your displeasure and look for a new league next year.

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