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  • Nick H Nick H Oct 15, 2007 6:49 PM Flag

    Need Some Advice Please!!

    This is what my team looks like right now
    QB- Jon Kitna, David Garrad
    WR- Larry Fitz, L. Coles, Santonio Holmes
    RB-Steven Jackson, Brandon Jacobs, Lamont Jordan, Sammie Morris, Jason Wright, Selving Young
    TE- Kellen Winslow
    K- Nate Kedding

    Heres the Trade:
    Larry Fitzgerald and Lamont Jordan


    Reggie Bush and Shaun Alexander

    Here is my plan....i know that will leave me very weak at the WR position but by gaining two strong backs i will be able to make another trade for a possible new number one reciever.

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    • NO NO NO!!!

      This is a horrible deal! With only 2 WRs on your roster, nobody is going to give you another WR for a decent price. Everyone will know you're desperate, and you'll end up being forced to unload a quality RB for a mid-level talent like Vincent Jackson or something. Seriously, go in the opposite order. Tell this guy you'll take his trade, but only if you can pick up another WR first.

      This leaves him in the position of offering you a counteroffer that involves you getting a WR (preferably in place of shaun), or waiting for a while. In the mean time, you've got a glut of running backs, so I reccomend trying to move one or two of them, either in a trade, or for a decent (mid-level) WR. Once you get one more WR, then and only then can you think about moving fitz.

      As things stand though, taking this trade right now can literally kill your season. DON'T DO IT.

    • Shaun has not done much this year. Reggie is on the way up. I do not think Shaun is worth much right now so I would not do it with him in the mix. For Reggie - yes.

    • With no legit QB to throw the ball in ARZ, and Jordan's lingering back problems you make out big time. Bush also catches passes which makes him a nice plus.

      Good job !


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