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  • Jared Jared Oct 11, 2007 10:38 PM Flag

    Can you cut a player who just played a game?

    I dont want to have to cut one of my players for a kicker......Ive been trying to pull off a 2-1 or 3-2 trade to open a roster spot but Ive had no luck with that this week. So I was looking at my roster and noticed something. Jason Campbell, who is my 3rd QB for the week, has a 1 PM start on Sunday. I currently do not have a kicker, but Morten Anderson and Lawrence Tynes (the kickers in the Monday Night game) are FAs. I know on Yahoo you can still sub out players for the late games as long as its with someone else who hasnt played yet. Theoretically, couldnt I cut Campbell after his game, and pick up one of those kickers and play them that week. Ive never tried this before. I dont want to have to cut one of my other QBs, or Vernon, to get an 'elite' kicker, when I could theoretically get one of these crap kickers and not give up anything more than my 3rd QB, who I would cut after this week anyways.

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