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  • DeHarvy DeHarvy Oct 9, 2007 11:32 PM Flag

    Grab Warner and drop Brees?

    Are you playing in a 2 QB league? If so, then dropping him wouldn't be a good option at all. If you are playing in a customary 1 QB league, then you have to weigh the options.

    It's always been my feeling that you don't drop a projected top 5 player (at his position) unless that person sustains a season threatening injury or demotion. However, we all know Drew Brees isn't as bad as he's played and things will eventually even out as far as his stats are concerned. I love Kurt Warner and I think he's a must add, but you have to find someone else to drop for Warner.

    Drew Brees will have a huge game and it might be this week. Simply wait for that big game, and then shop him around the league very, very quickly. You never know; you might find a buyer.

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    • No, only onje starter at QB - whoever I get/keep out of brees/warner will be the backup...

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      • I actually had this same scenario. I dropped Brees and took Warner. However, I feel Warner is a risk. He still has yet to prove himself. I also considered Culpepper as he's still a FA. Again, he is unproven as well. Both players are older and are more of an injury risk than Brees. Warner has a history of concussions and Culpepper has had knee problems and is a mobile QB who will take some shots.

        I think NO has suffered without Joe Horn to throw at. The Defense hasn't been putting the offense in good field position either. Without McAllister, the Saints don't present a running threat up the middle. Bush can run around the end and catch and run, but that's it.

        If you're in a league with owners that trade frequently, you may be able to wait for Brees to have a big game and dump him. But if most of the owners are of the "buy and hold" style of management, then I wouldn't count of a trade. I would look to FA to fill the bench.

        My league has no trade activity whatsoever. When I dropped Brees last week someone picked him up immediately and started him last Sunday. I picked up Jason Campbell and started him and did very well. I dropped Campbell this week and picked up Warner. Unfortunately, I don't have a Romo or Favre or Brady. So Warner is going to start for me and I'll be platooning between him and Derek Anderson.


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