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  • Steve M Steve M Oct 9, 2007 11:35 AM Flag

    which wr to pick up and which to drop?

    my team is harrison, welker, bowe, marshall, and galloway. Harrison and marshall are on byes this week.

    Wrs that are available are engram, burleson, jurevicious, andre davis, mason, and james jones. There is really no one else to consider except maybe chris henry after his suppension is over.

    Right now i am leaning toward dropping welker cause he hasn't done anything since week1. I also don't get points per reception. I get 1pt 15yrd and 6pts TD

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    • James Jones is a good pick up. Yes he did have a bad week last week but over the course of the season so far, Farve seems to like him when throwin deep. Jennings is playin well and so is Driver. With the run game non-exsistant, Farve is goin to air out the ball and everyone is goin to get thier catches.


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