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  • Hector Z. Hector Z. Oct 7, 2007 3:52 PM Flag

    Why is LJ so bad???

    the yahoo "experts" wer saying how bad the o-line was before the season started and how he set the nfl record for carries last year so in addition to being hit prone he also had too very dependable lineman quit on him this offseason. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know not to draft him unless he fell to the late first round or second

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    • so you're still backing me up. rather than being a top 5 player, you're listing him still as a top 15 player. he's only had 1 good game this year out of FIVE. that still isn't top 15 material, hell that's not even top 100 material. he's such a nig, it's pissing me off. when you go and cry about more money, you better EARN IT next year...

    • i didnt answer your question but here it goes, KC barely has a passing offense so the defense focused on KC's BIGGEST threat...LJ. being able to commit one more man to the D-line makes a huge difference


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