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  • James E James E Oct 6, 2007 7:39 AM Flag

    Need to start 2 WRs of the following:

    Braylon Edwards; Shaun McDonald; Santonio Holmes; Dwayne Bowe

    Braylon is a starter. Him and Anderson are connecting well - which is just as well considering how badly the CLE def is. Facing NE this week he will get targeted and he will need to be. Against Sanders and Wilson @NE Safety he has a decent matchup to. This is a breakout season for Edwards and you have to start him, regardless

    Bowe? Will he be the first rookie to catch 4 TDs in 4 consecutive games in what? 18yrs plus? He could have better matchups - JAC are ranked 3rd best aginst the pass, but having said that they havent picked up an interception at all yet. Hes on fire and looks like he is capble of catching anything thrown within a meter of him. Again i think you have to start him.

    That leaves Mac against Was or Holmes against SEA. This is the tough one. Holmes is a better WR than Mac on paper, but he is playing a good SEA D. Mac is a lesser player playing against a lesser D (although LaRon Landry looks great back there in the WAS D). Mac played under Martz before and knows his OFF plays and runs the slot route better than anyone at DET, he gets as many looks as any of the other WRs (even CJ) and has weighed in with 3 TDs.

    I think SEA will push PIT all the way and i think DET have a chance of breaking their 0-20 against WAS and 0-12 against Gibbs. Mac will get hit pretty often. Both WRs benefit from injuries to other WRs (Ward @PIT & CJ @DET).
    I'm going with MacD

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