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  • Vincent Vega Vincent Vega Aug 27, 2014 12:45 PM Flag

    Pitching advice please

    Here's my problem...I have to many pitchers going into the playoffs. With my current lineup I don't have any bench batters. I feel I need to drop 2 pitchers. My thoughts are Kazmir and O'Flaherety. But I am not sure. I would drop Koji but he is on the no drop list as is Wainright.. Looking for advice on who to drop. h2h 10 team 6x6 any help is appreciated.
    My roster
    Adam Wainwright SP
    Cory Kluber SP
    Mat Latos - SP
    Aroldis Chapman RP
    Koji Uehara RP
    Trevor Rosenthal RP
    Jeff Samardzija SP
    Jake Arrieta SP
    Kazmir SP
    James Paxton SP
    Pineda SP
    Chris ArcherSP
    Eric O'Flaherty RP
    Hyun-jin Ryu SP DL

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    • I would suggest you just drop O'Flaherty. I don't see why you would need more than 2 bench bats, particularly if you go the Holt route - and if you do go Holt, then why not drop Peralta for a better option?

    • Who are the bats you currently have and who are the options you would have to add from?
      I would drop Pineda and O'Flaherty because Pineda has been kinda inconsistent with injuries and could go down at the drop of the hat, I don't trust him as far as I can throw him and O'Flaherty for you is just surplus which is good and all but if you can drop him to fix holes in your lineup then go for it.


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