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  • BJD BJD Aug 22, 2014 9:51 PM Flag

    Who to drop?

    To have any hope in Ks and to help my chances in Ws next week, I am going to need to stream pitchers. I am not sure who I should drop though. Options:

    Danny Santana
    Yordano Ventura
    Carlos Carrasco
    James Paxton
    Jacob DeGrom

    I was leaning towards Ventura. I do have limited adds (3 per week) though so dropping Santana would give me the added benefit of another extra start. Thoughts?

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    • Ventura pitched (and pitched well) tonight... so you could try and drop him, hope he slips thru waivers and stream him again before his next start. Same with Carasco (but I'd be more inclined to hold onto him). DeGrom goes tomorrow. Santana would undoubtedly be claimed. A night off here and there for the Catcher may actually be your best bet... I'm sure there are some decent plays if Salty got pinched... if you're lucky, maybe a Vogt or Ramos... but undoubtedly someone decent. I like the Catcher/Stream option based on what you've presented.

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      • Thanks for the input. I am sure it wouldn't change your answer, but just to clarify I wouldn't make the move until Monday. I am definitely leaning towards the catcher route. I have mostly gone no C since Yadier Molina got injured with a little bit of streaming hot Cs when needed. The available C pool is pretty thin as for some reason there are 4 or 5 teams who have 2 Cs on their roster. Vogt and Ramos are unfortunately not available. I really only picked up Saltamacchia as before tonight it was looking like I would need a bit more offense to win my current matchup and he has been hitting decently plus is playing in Colorado this weekend. Definitely an expendable player.

    • I could also drop Jared Saltalamacchia and go catcherless which I have done before with no ill effects.


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