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  • Bodacious Bodacious Aug 19, 2014 9:52 AM Flag

    Head to Head vs. Roto - which version of fantasy baseball is the best?

    I prefer H2H because to me it best simulates being an actual MLB manager. Stats are valued in real time day to day which to me is far more realistic than Roto.

    There have been numerous comments through the season stating that "H2H is the minor league of fantasy baseball" - and that somehow Roto payers are superior to H2H players. Quite frankly, no matter what version you play, championships are for the most part won and lost on draft day. If you are not good at drafting you're going to suck no matter what style you play.

    This notion that H2H is purely luck is simply not true - you still have to manage effectively, knowing when to bench a player, adding the right FA, making good trades - ALL of those factor in no matter what version you play.

    Your thoughts?

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    • well i started 6 pitchers today in a h2h league..what could be more fun

    • I play and enjoy both but I have much more fun in H2H. It's much more competitive all year long and I can enjoy a single week's victory if I end up beating a friend or family member. Roto is just a waiting game. I did enough waiting in the Navy, it's just not nearly as fun.

    • I prefer roto. There is too much luck involved in H2H. I don't buy the argument that H2H is more like real baseball. In the playoffs of real baseball, a team can bare down or break down to win or lose a series. You can't really do that in fantasy baseball. I guess this issue is just a matter of what ever floats your boat. That's why we are given the option compared to football which is almost always h2h

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      • I'm still not sure what people mean when they say "there is too much luck involved in H2H". I've won numerous H2H championships and it's been my experience that draft day pretty much set the stage for winning - and then you manage and make the right moves. You don't lead a highly competitive league or have a really good team unless you drafted well. That is not luck...that is planning for luck. Sure you need guys to stay healthy and not have a Tulo go down to injury, or a Goldschmidt get hurt - but it starts on draft day...it's luck if you're doing an AUTODRAFT.
        I lost Goldschmidt but I still have a 1st place team because I made the right moves to replace him...mainly getting Chris Carter which has made all the difference. That isn't luck...that is managing.

    • I agree Boda... I play both, but take more pride in H2H success.. it's a much more realistic simulation and harder to win without knowing what you're doing unless one plays in weak leagues or gets very lucky. Baseball is not a simple accumulation off stats, which is basically what Roto is... Baseball is about matchups and roster management variables, which H2H better represents. I enjoy then both, but H2H is a true fan's fantasy ...roto is more a test of predictive knowledge based on end results of numbers alone... In real Baseball, the teams with the best numbers on paper almost never win it all... the game is about adjustments, not aggregate statistics.

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      • Good points 2C, I was going to make that argument about pure stats in my own defense. Another point could be the fun of it, to go along with the superior makeup. You can scoreboard watch and feel good about actually beating another team.

      • That's how I see it too. I'm currently in a dead heat for 1st place in one league and it comes down to the managers making the right moves. Case in point...I grabbed Javiez Baez just seconds before another manger was going to get him. Baez is tearing it up and very well might be a difference maker down the stretch. It is NOT just luck...managing to win is means you have to be able to make the right moves all season long. In another league, another manager got to Baez before I did.

    • I prefer roto because I can't stand the thought of dominating the entire season only to get screwed in the first round of the playoffs by some schmuck with no closers and a million starting pitchers who happened to pick up the right bats that week.

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      • Well I've been a 6th seed in a highly competitive league where I was 20 games out of 6th place - then clawed my way into the final and 6th spot and then went all the way to the championship. That wasn't luck...that was me as a manager making the max number of moves week after week to get my team into contention. I've also been a #1 seed only to wind up losing in the championship to the lowest seed. But if the other manager picks the right players - then you just lost to a better manager. Nothing lucky about that. You went the whole season knowing the other team would use that strategy. Good managers adjust to the competition.

      • I understand what you mean. In h2h leagues whoever finishes first in the regular season should receive some type of payment because its a lot easier to finish first in the regular season than it is to win the championship. I cant tell you how many times ive seen a team dominate all year long and then the 6th seed who just made the playoffs with a record under or around .500 has a lucky week against you in the second round.

      • If he picked up the right bats, wouldn't that make him a good manager? Also, if he beats you, doesn't it make him better than you? I don't like your idea of luck.

    • I'm an H2H guy too.

      My argument has always been, it's set up with the format of being like the actual MLB, when you play a team and do what it takes to beat them to further in the standings. It's being able to be balanced.

      Also, it keeps teams in it, and has playoffs that are, again, similar to the MLB. No trophy for regular season champion. The idea of luck is ignorant, which would mean that the MLB playoffs are luck because anything can happen in that short time period. H2H all the way!


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