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    I was just sent a trade deadline trade offer. I get Longoria and a 1.12 prospect pick for 2015, and I give up Jansen. It is a dynasty league, so we keep everyone, and we also have a small prospect roster and a pre-season prospect draft. The league is 16 teams and 6x6 with OPS and Holds and QS instead of Wins.

    My bullpen is Jansen, Kimbrel, Street, Feliz and one rotating set up man. My infield is Chris Carter, Rendon, Baez and Castro, with Gyorko, Chisenhall, and Schoop as backups. Any thought?

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    • I would do it. I am not that high on Longoria, but he has proven he does have a lot of upside. I also completely agree with D-Neff on the value of closers in a holds league, and also that your bullpen is not set up right at all. In a 16 team league, do you really need 4 closers? That seems like that would be overkill most weeks. With only 1 holds guy, I would imagine you would lose holds pretty consistently, which should not be happening when an abundance of holds can be found on the waiver wire no problem.

    • Why didn't you hit accept immediately? Leagues with holds immediately cut the normal value of closers to begin with(which isn't high to begin with also). Harry thinks Longo is brutal because hes played fantasy for all of a year and is incapable of comprehending the idea of a good player having a down year. And JD apparently thinks what you have did from April-August 15th of this year is exactly what you are going to do in the future.

      Great players have down years too. Maybe Longoria is gonna start declining significantly, it certainly is possible and this is the beginning. However, next year is going to be his age 29 season meaning he has a few years left in the prime, suggesting it would be highly surprising if it was and I'd be more than happy to find out if it was or not by getting rid of a closer. Your bullpen isn't even set-up right to begin with, so now you can actually go add another good set-up man. And you are getting a pick, it's hilarious. You should be the one giving picks here lol.

    • Longoria is absolutely brutal and is placed way to high in drafts.

    • I think it's a good trade for you. I'm not a fan of Longo but no denying his talent if healthy and you get the prospect pick. Plus you have Kimbrel and thus in a 16-team league, you still have a solid bullpen. What do you think of the Strasburg - Papi trade post I made?


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