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  • PJ PJ Aug 8, 2014 1:27 AM Flag

    How would you counter this trade offer

    I Get: Adrian Gonzalez, Pedro Alvarez, Jean Segura, Melky Cabrera, Zach Britton
    I Give: Jose Bautista, Ian Desmond, Adrian Beltre

    16 team h2h keeper league (we keep 7). He has Stanton, Adam Jones, Kendrick, Darvish, & Strasburg. What kind of counter would you make? I'm not interested in gonzalez, segura or alvarez as I could play zobrist at short and harrison at 2B and encarnacion back at 3B and Pujols is at 1B.

    C: Devin Mesoraco
    1B: Albert Pujols
    2B: Ben Zobrist
    3B: Adrian Beltre
    SS: Ian Desmond
    OF: Jose Bautista, Denard Span, Ben Revere
    Util: Josh Harrison, Brock Holt
    BN: Angel Pagan
    DL: Edwin Encarnacion, Dexter Fowler

    SP: Garret Richards, James Shields, Jered Weaver, Jeff Samardja, Tim Hudson, Collin McHugh, Trevor Bauer,

    RP: Kenley Janesn, Santiago Casilla, Joe Smith

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    • You are certainly getting younger but you are giving away far better talent than you are getting. Counting on Alvarez and Segura as the core of your future infield is a huge risk as both have been awful this year. Even if Alvarez bounces back and hits 30HR next year...his BA will still be Adam Dunn-like. I don't think I would bother countering that offer...I would look for a better trade partner. Melky is the best player you are getting and I would be wary of him getting busted again for PEDs again.

    • I don't like this trade for you at all. I think its pretty clear is is trying to trade excess for 3 players that he would keep for next season. why would you even want to downgrade at 3d and ss with alvarez/segura. It really just seems theres not a good counter that you can do. If you do decide to counter it better inlude 2 of stanton/jones/darvish/straus....if you are giving up jbats/desmond/beltre.

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      • I'm looking to get younger in this trade and possibily get some draft picks while staying competative. I'll be good at 3B with Encarnacion coming back next week. I have no need for his Alvarez or Segura. What would you try to package together to bring back a stanton/darvish combo. I like the idea of Stanton with Britton because I get younger and maybe a high pick?

    • Depends what you are looking to do for what kind of counter to give. Are you trying to make a push to win this year? Out of it and just looking to get the 7 best keeps possible? What is your goal?

      What are the scoring settings of the league? This standard or no? Your team is crazy old, you desperately need to sell alot of guys in my opinion regardless of what or else you are gonna have to hit on some youth in both the upcoming draft and then again in the draft that follows.

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      • h2h with 4 dividisons 7x7 and 6 teams make the playoffs. i'm 15 games from the division leader. the 2 wildcards will go to my division with 1 team on the outside looking in and the 3 teams are seperated by 1 games.

        I am looking to get younger by moving guys like JBats and Beltre or Pujols. I would like to get a guy like Stanton or an ace like Strasburg or Darvish. I'm still trying to stay competative though. What kind of offer would you make for those players he has that I had listed above

    • I don't like it... JBats, Desmond, and Beltre are all more valuable than what you would be getting back... I don't understand what you're trying to achieve, but I would definitely not make this deal if I were you. Outside of Britton... none of those other guys improve your team. Maybe you could deal Brock Holt and Bauer for Britton to clear a roster spot... otherwise I think your team looks better without making a big unnecessary trade that dowgrades you at 3B, 1B and SS just to add Britton and Melky.

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      • I would like to get some youth as far as keepers go. Beltre and Jbats are in their mid 30s. I'd like to get younger as far as keepers go with guys like Stanton, Jones, or strasburg. What kind of counter would you make for those players. I want to get some youth while staying competative this year. Britton would help because I could use the additional RP.


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