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  • TK from LA TK from LA Aug 5, 2014 2:59 PM Flag

    David Wright - worth the #2 waiver spot.

    Manager in 12-team, dual league roto format with OBP rather than BA just cut Wright. I am not going to let him go to another team. I have saved my waiver spot - moved up from number 5 at the beginning of the season - for a move like this. I will cut a 7th SP'er (really skimped on IP earlier in year so that I could use 7 starting pitchers the last 2 months), James Paxton.

    Yes, yes, Wright has struggled. But who the hell else could put up the counting stats like him? My waiver position does me no good if I don't use the damn thing. Any reason not to use?

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    • TK: First I own Wright in NL only but we count BA. I think OBP cat is better suited for him right now anyhow. 2) He's playing hurt which has cut down on hit HR's & SB's. Read yesterday Mets manager hasn't even approached Wright about playing hurt/taking time off. 3) I fully agree on saving your w/w for a move before playoffs. I struggled with #1 myself this weekend. Do I use on Lackey or pass and see what moves happen in Aug. Decision was kind of easy with Hahn on limits and A.Simon slowing down. Seeing this isn't a keeper(hold on Paxton) I like the move even though Wright is not 100%. Not sure more producers better than him will pop up ROS. Nice job on skimping on IP. Great strategy when it works,especially at end of season/playoffs. Good luck with Wright. I'm hoping he'll be fine too.

    • I can't think of any, but it really depends on the rest of your lineup. If all you have to drop is Paxton though, I say go for it. Could use Wright or another player as a sell-high trading chip

    • Who is your current 3B?


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