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  • Pat Pat Aug 4, 2014 6:20 PM Flag

    Trade that was offered to me in my league,

    OK I was offered Torii Hunter, AJ Burnett and Verlander for Goldy and K-Rod.. This trade was proposed on Saturday the 2nd at 11:42pm when it was known that Goldy had a broken hand and was out.. I accepted the trade. I am tied for 2nd he is in dead last, it's a head to head points league..

    So today he messages the league to veto the trade because he a week ago and I just accepted it now, but he didn't I got the email on Saturday night. The trade has had 4 objections so it goes to the commish where im sure it will be shot down by him. Though I did send the league the email off when I got the trade, so they will at least know he's a big liar

    Burnett is horrible and Verlander certainly isn't a stud pitcher anymore, and I have Gordon, Heyward, Kalhoun, and Beltran for my 3 OF and Util. I'd probly drop Burnett anyway so the trade was basically Verlander and Hunter for K-Rod since he would obviously drop Goldy, plus my only other reliever is Kenley Jansen so I'd have to pick one up off waivers.. Then he offers a guy Jesse Hahn for Miguel Montero when he already has Buster Posey as catcher

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    • I think you still lose that trade EVEN if Goldy is a non-factor lol. Anyone else agree?

      However, I had a situation of this in my league. The trade was I get Ellsbury for Joe Smith and K-Rod. I had been away from the computer all day and had been in talks with another manager to get another closer so I finally decided to give up both of my two closers when I didn't want to in the first place. I accepted at night and got a message calling me shameful and then I quickly learned that Smith had lost his job (Street got traded). I decided to veto it myself since I am the commish and it is the right thing to do.

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      • That was kind of my point lol, it wasn't like he was trading me Cueto who is the best pitcher on his team it was Verlander and Burnett who combined are probly equal to K-Rod, and I even had to pick ujp another RP because K-Rod and Jansen are my only RP on the team..had Chavez but he got sent to the bullpen

        It received the max votes for objection so it goes to the Commish for approval, so I am guessing more than likely it gets overturned..

    • It doesn't really matter when he offered the trade to you, if he is in first or last, or if you are. If you send a trade out for a guy, and said player gets hurt, better be around to cancel it quick. The issue of Goldy getting hurt falls on him for sending you the deal, whether he sent it before or after he got hurt, flat out doesn't matter.

      So, basically in the end, there is no reason at all to veto the trade, regardless of what. You got a pile of nothing special back anyhow and to be quite honest, if he is saying he sent it when Goldy was healthy, then he is showing how stupid he is cause nobody who knows even a tiny, little bit about fantasy baseball would accept that. However, I expect Verlander will pitch well down the stretch and be a bit rejuvenated with the Price acquistion(if he is completely healthy)

      And, if for some reason this is a keeper league, well the other guy stole Goldy from ya anyhow(not that I see why it would be since no mention of it is here)

      And Hahn only has a few more starts, isn't gonna be doing anything during playoffs if it is a h2h league.

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      • that's what I told him, I said there is no way in hell this gets accepted if Goldy is healthy, but idk I guess it's a good thing this isn't a money league. This same guy whined and complained because we don't get points for complete games and he has Cueto who had like 3 or 4 at the point still get 3 points per inning pitched.

    • Pat: If he didn't rescind the trade before you accepted I don't see the problem here. Because he's not on top of things isn't your fault. deal was proposed and accepted with knowledge of goldy's inury out there for a few days already. Any other league member who says they wouldn't have accepted this trade, if it was offered to them is a LIAR! I know I would take it. Sounds like they don't like you in 2nd.

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      • Yea, he said he said he sent it a week ago, so I sent the league the email that showed he sent to me Saturday Night after the news that Goldy broke his hand..It's not like he traded me Cueto, who he whined about earlier in the year because Cueto had a bunch of complete games and we don't
        get awarded points for complete games. It was Verlander and Burnett, who will both probably be spot starts anyway,,The guy is a big whiner, I guess that's what happens when you join a free a league.


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