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  • Scott Scott Aug 1, 2014 10:16 PM Flag

    Trading Draft Picks...

    A few guys in my 10-team, H2H, non-keeper league are giving up on this season and trading away studs for top draft picks next year (Ex. Miggy and a 12th rounder just went to a guy for McCarthy and a 1st round pick).

    I am generally always against the practice of sacrificing the future and never trade picks but to keep up with the others in contention (I'm in third place), I feel like I might need to part with a lower pick in a deal that is a bit more even.

    If I offer J.J. Hardy, K-Rod and a 9th round pick to the guy in last place in exchange for Chris Davis, Ryu and his 12th rounder, is that fair value? Will he turn it down? Should I ask for more?

    I'm not willing to give up a pick higher than 8th, and I feel like the deal I am offering is much more fair (I'm actually giving up value for non-elite players). I'm pretty sure the other owner might agree to it, but with this being the first pick I trade, I don't want to regret it.


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