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  • DT DT Jul 26, 2014 3:34 PM Flag

    Goldy's value in a keeper league?

    10 team H2H keeper league. We can only keep 3 players per year. Goldy would probably be one of the better keepers, but I still have some good options for my 3 so I'm thinking about trading him to get some great value for this year.

    Without Goldy, I'd still have Trout, Puig, Abreu, Freeman, and Sale as potential keeper options. For this season, I'd still have Freeman and Abreu at 1st base.

    Would something like Goldy for Gomez and Darvish be worth it? I'd be giving up a sure keeper in Goldy and wouldn't really consider keeping Gomez or Darvish.

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    • I'm lost here because you say he would probably be one of the better keepers. In a league where only 30 guys get kept, TOP TALENT like Goldy gets a bigger boost than it would in a typical keeper.

      Goldy is your 2nd best keeper, behind Trout, followed by Puig the Abreu or Sale.

      Since the deadline isn't tomorrow, I would not trade Goldy today when I don't have to. I'd without a doubt be looking to push Abreu, I'd literally e-mail every manager, see what I can get for him or Freeman or Sale before I started considering the fact I may have to deal Goldy.

      Why you have these three still at this point is a bit confusing also. Unless you just traded for one, have been trying to trade all year and can't, or are loaded everywhere(based on wanting to deal Goldy in a 2 for 1 - you aren't apparently) then you should've sort've this 1b ttrio out earlier to address needs it would have seemed like.

      If you have exhausted all options, and you are at the point you have to trade Goldy, getting Gomez and Darvish is a solid return on him.

      Bottom line is, you lose Goldy now if you have to, but you can turn around and get him or someone similiar back. Just deal Abreu and Sale in a package in the offseason for 1 top dog ya want and there ya go.

    • If you are in 1st place with a 15 game lead...don't fix what ain't broke.

    • all i can say is i would trade abreu, not goldy. theres no reason to think abreu cant sustain this? thats shenanigans... his iso of .329 and his hr/fb% is 33%. both are completely unsustainable. miggy's career iso is .246 (which is huge) and hes never had a season above .300. miggy's career hr/fb% 19.1% and hes only had one season above 25%. barry bonds career iso was .309 and his fb/hr% (since it became a stat in '02) was 25%. do you really think abreu has more power than miguel cabrera and barry bonds? thats straight up ludicrous.

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      • I think people are missing the point here. I think DT's main goal is to win the championship this season as it should be. Getting Gomez and Darvish for Goldy is a really good return imo especially if there is a need at SP. He is not going to get that kind of return on Abreu. Like it or not, play this game long enough and you will see that the O-rank does influence people's perception of players even at this point of the season. If Abreu stays healthy and has an ave around .280 by season's end, he will be a 1st or early 2nd rd player next season. Is that too much of a downgrade from Goldy if it increases your chances at a championship this season? I don't think so. If we are talking about raw power, Abreu is above Miggy in that respect. I think Abreu and Stanton are top dog is that category. Don't really like comparing Bonds to anyone....

    • I see Goldy as a top 5 player in a keeper league, but if you can get Gomez and Darvish for him, I would do it. I definitely think Goldy would be ranked higher than Abreu at the start of next season, but I don't think the gap would be that much. If an elite pitcher like Darvish will aid your team's championship hope this season, then you should make the deal.

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      • "Goldy would be ranked higher than Abreu at the start of next season, but I don't think the gap would be that much."

        That's what I'm saying. Goldy will be higher because he can add 15 SBs with a .300 plus average. But Abreu looks like he has more power. They both will probably be 1st round picks.

    • that trade wouldn't be worth it. I have seen Goldy being traded for King Felix so his value is very high. Out of your keepers Trout,Goldy,Sale should be kept only cause you can always get good OFs in the draft. I would trade away the rest before your draft and stockpile on high picks so it will help make you the favorite for next year so long as you draft well

    • Why not deal Abreu who is less proven for those 2? If you get up goldy you should solidify the win this year by taking someone who's out of it hole team

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      • That's what I'd be doing. I'd be making this trade with the 8th place team. But right now, I'm in 1st by 15 games, so I'm not sure if I want to change my whole team up.

        Regarding Abreu... I trust him. Unlike Chris Davis, we have never seen Abreu not hit like this, so there's no reason to think he can't continue it. In a day and age where power is limited, he's a huge asset. There are only 10 players in MLB with over 20 home runs. Abreu already has 30 and he missed 2 weeks.


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