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  • Kevin Kevin Jul 15, 2014 9:22 PM Flag

    Kemp and Kalhoun

    Not a trade, but more asking the more experienced, knowledgeable fantasy baseball fan here what to do with Kemp and Kalhoun? Is Kemp pretty much "done" and should I trade him to get some value before he regresses further, or will he bounce back somewhat? And what about Kalhoun? Sell high or is he just breaking out? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    • I definitely like Calhoun more than Kemp right now; with the avg, pop, runs, and a couple of steals, Calhoun is pretty much doing what we would hope for from a healthy Kemp. I think Calhoun is about to take off in the everyday starting gig with his excellent hitting and Cowgill recently hitting the DL.

      I'm having a hard time understanding why people think Kemp is "done" or "fantasy irrelevant" now. Obviously he had his problems earlier this season, between poor play and not starting every day. But over 101 ABs in June, he hit .317 with 3 hr, 8 doubles, and 16 rbi. Obviously the ratios aren't great (1hr/30+pa), but the avg is there. His line drive rate is at a career high right now (27.3%) so he's clearly driving the ball; through most of this season, he's actually been increasing his line drive rate while decreasing his fly ball rate. Ideally, we'd like to see a few more fly balls, since those are the hits that usually turn into homers - but I think the line drive rate is a really positive sign.

      So, you could certainly move Kemp for a helpful piece. But I wouldn't feel too bad about having him on my team.

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      • Thanks for all the replies! And sorry for the misspelling, I obviously meant Calhoun. It wasn't so much a question of who to keep, just wondering if I "should" move either and what to expect from both going forward. Definitely have been happy though with Calhoun's production this year and hopefully he'll keep it up.

    • Kemp is no longer relevant in fantasy. As far as starting fantasy OF goes - Kemp is not even worth mentioning. If you can trade Kemp do it - but don't be surprised if you get no takers. Calhoun is going to be a good player and his value should increase hitting in front of Trout.

    • Kalhoun and it isn't even close

    • I'd try to sell both while their values are high. Rather have Calhoun at this point though.

    • Who is Kalhoun?

    • I would hold Calhoun unless I got top 30 overall value in return. I am very high on him. If you extrapolate his Rs and HRs over 651 at bats, you get 147 runs and 30 homers. Those are elite numbers.
      As for Kemp, I would try to sell now.

    • I'm definitely #TeamCalhoun - and you should be too considering he is leading off ahead of Trout and Pujols. Kemp on the other hand, if you can sell him for someone you actually want, go ahead. But i wouldnt just give him away.


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