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  • Max Max Jun 23, 2014 5:40 PM Flag

    How are these dynasty deals?

    12 Team h2h dynasty, deep rosters

    Gave Javier Baez and Kyle Zimmer
    Received Kris Bryant

    Gave Kevin Gausman and Alcantara Arismendy
    Received Carlos Correa

    What do you think? Very deep in pitching and im not a believer in Baez anymore. I could use a SS and a corner outfielder (Marte and Heyward). Only thing that sucks is Arismendy was my 2B of future (La Stella and Gyorko).

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    • Yeah i agree. I like the first deal not so much the second.

    • Meh, 1st deal is ok, I like Bryant better than Baez and Zimmer, but with Prospects the bust rate is high enough playing the numbers is never a bad strategy, so it all depends on what you are doing with the extra roster sapce. As for the 2nd deal I am not a fan. This whole thing depends on your keeper rules and how close to ready to compete you are but Gausman is contributing now and contributing well. He will be with the O's for a while and the AL East is always tough but he is getting to the point where you can almost remove prospect status from him. Correa, though a top prospect hasn't played above A ball, as of yet hasn't shone plus power or plus speed, and just got seriously injured, (thereby increasing his bust chances, delaying his eventual usefulness and call up, and increasing the odds he lands on the DL again). The first trade is OK, but if I am being honest I do not like the second one at all for you. If you made it before the Correa injury than I guess I can't blame you, but serious injuries in the minors are never a good sign.

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      • Yes, I was out of town and didn't know about Correa's injury. Neither did the other manager and he said we can veto it because neither of us knew about it. Bryant looks legit, I have him ranked 2nd overall, behind Buxton and ahead of Taveras. Where is have Baez in the 10-15 range and Zimmer in the 25-35 range


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