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    Dynasty Trade Help

    I own Kris Bryant in a 30 team dynasty league. In this league we have a salary cap of $100 mil. Minor leaguers are 500k for their first 4 yrs in the league once they reach 150 abs or 50 innings pitched. We also have three offseason tags each year (franchise, restricted, and on flex) where we can retain free agents. Franchise being we assume their real life contract and restricted being they are bid on and we have the option to retain at that price or let the team with the winning bid take them and get draft pick compensation instead.

    I have been offered the following in different deals for Kris Bryant from rebuilding teams:

    Deal 1: Miguel Cabrera ($22 mil for two years)
    Deal 2: Robinson Cano ($10 mil this year and $16 mil next two years)
    Deal 3: Jose Bautista and Coco Crisp ($14 mil and $4 mil, but for this year only)

    I'm in 1st place and so far I have held firm on not dealing Bryant, but I am in need of hitting for the playoff run. I have been obtaining lesser hitters lately in smaller deals to help, but Utley, Werth, Bogaerts, JD Martinez, Andrus probably can't carry me to a win. I do have Betts and Taveras to go with Bryant in my minors. I also have Syndergaard I could deal for hitting (SP is stacked with Teheran, Scherzer, Cueto, Roark, Hamels, and Alex Wood).

    So I guess my question is would you take one of the deals above or keep Bryant. I just want to hear other thoughts. I think I hold on Bryant and see if I can get some other hitting elsewhere, but I could be wrong on this, which is why I'm here.

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    • It's really hard to tell without understanding your team and other salary commitments. But I would most def stay away from the Cano deal.

    • If it's H2H, (and I think it is), then Bryant will be up and playing in September. Given this and the fact that he's top 3 prospect with power, I wouldn't take any of those deals.

    • Well like most of the bad owners in fantasy, the Miggy owner bates me into talking Bryant and we get to the point of acceptance and now he wants more for him (Bryant + Taveras). So, I'm not too happy with that owner right now lol. Adam Jones offer on the table though:

      Adam Jones + D-Backs SP prospect Branden Shipley for Bryant. I could then ship Shipley off in a seperate deal to a rebuilder for more hitting. An option, because I'm not too high on Shipley. Owens offer he now wants an OF in return with Bryant since Owens his top prospect he owns.

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      • Wow dude... sounds like you may have waited to long... Bryant+Taveras is definitely not as good considering you could deal them separately for multiple useful pieces or incorporate Taveras in a package deal while keeping Bryant. If that's the lay of the land now and the Adam Jones deal is still on the table... I would go with that then because it's still very good return value and could help you win now and in the future.

    • I enjoy the in-depth analysis. It's definitely the type of analysis needed for a league as big and in-depth as this 30 team league. As you can see, in this deep league, pieces on the waiver wire are few and far between. I agree Miggy is probably the best piece I could deal for. I have 23.461 mil free in cap space so acquiring him puts me up against the cap, but Utley (15 mil), Werth (13 mil) and Hamels (15 mil) all come off the books after this season. A lot of pieces available next year so I'd have space to sign replacements as long as no one overpays lol.

      Hamilton was intriguing long term because he's cheap and owns one category by himself, but again no power like you said. Cano is cheaper than Miggy and if he ends up finding his power stroke, he could be an option because of his high avg. and rbi totals. Plus, form that owner there is a good chance I can get an added piece too (though it may only be someone like Kurt Suzuki). The other two I would say are definitely out of the running. Not a fan of those owners either so that's fine by me lol.

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      • I think Betts may be up soon, so he'll help me soon. Syndergaard has drawn some interest. Dee Gordon may be an option there (owner to get back to me today). Cano owner wants a top hitting prospect for Cano since he's rebuilding and Cano's his best hitter. Some buy low options out there could be Billy Butler (8 mil on a team rebuilding), JJ Hardy (7 mil) on a team rebuilding. A last place team has Fraizer, Votto, Melky Cabrera... which all could be options.

      • Yeah, cool not trying to be overbearing, but I think this is so good for you honestly. Especially with said cap room coming free next season. In a 30 teeamer... Miggy keeps you competitive with virtually any team at any time, especially with Andrus stealing bags for you. When you come up against the Mike Trout team or the Nelson Cruz Team or the Tulo squad... I would definitely rather have Miggy over Jones. His power for average is so consistent... he's really one of the very few players in baseball where you absolutely know what you're getting. Jones isn't that far off, but pales in power and avg, plus he's entering his 30s himself and could show a dip in production in following years, certainly the 3rd. Jones is great, but he's no Miggy. You could deal Arenado or Plouffe or a Pitcher for other pieces as you need them... I would think Syndergarrd to be a damn strong starting point for any player a la Cano (whos power has to be seriously questioned now playing in Seattle) or Billy Hamilton or whoever. But just look at a guy like Corey Dickerson and Charlie Blackmon this year... Outfielders find the spotlight next most commonly after pitchers. I say have faith in those odds and roll with the favorable wind on Miggy's bat to league domination!!

    • More options available for me this morning:

      Billy Hamilton was offered. He's league minimum until 2017.
      Adam Jones and Henry Owens was offered. Adam Jones is 6 mil this year and 13 mil the next two years.

      So, now all my offers summarized have been:

      1. Miguel Cabrera (22 mil for two years)
      2. Robinson Cano (10 mil this year, 16 mil the next two years)
      3. Jose Bautista and Coco Crisp (14 mil and 4 mil for this year only)
      4. Billy Hamilton (400k through 2017)
      5. Adam Jones and Henry Owens (6 mil this year and 13 mil next two and Owens is minor leaguer so 4 yrs at league min from when he reaches 50 IP in MLB)

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      • Hi Ryan... oh creator of my favorite thread of late, lol!! So from what I can see of your current roster, you have virtually no truly proven power hitters in their prime. The way I understand what you do have... you got Werth and Utley (Both decent but now bereft of power they once had and will continue to lose more), You have Juan Francisco (Decent supplemental piece, but nothing that a good week from a mediocre Catcher can't beat in any given week).... And you have J.D.Martinez, Bogaerts, and an injured Arenado ( young, streaky, and unproven over the long stretch and not to be consistently relied on). That's your power basically... very weak... and after that it gets even weaker.... Andrus, Grossman, Bloomquist, etc.

        You have Kris Bryant dangling... Cano nor Hamilton will really help with HRs and RBIs.... I would rule them out. Speed can be acquired at a much lower premium.

        You are correct in your assessment you need "true" proven power. The only guys who fit that bill are Miggy (2 years), Bautista (1 year), and AJones (3 years). These are your power options.

        I would rule out Bautista/Crisp because you it probably is not worth dealing Bryant to only control them for 1 year.

        That leaves 2 years of Miggy/22mill vs 3 years of AJones/HOwens at 6mill+13x2

        You don't need the pitching so instead of cashing in on Bryant's top value, you're basically getting a throw-in arm (yes he's good, but SPs are literally like weeds... how many guys had Jesse Hahn to begin the season? Answer None. Colin McHugh? None. Chase Anderson? None. Chase Whitley? None. Matt Shoemaker? None. Point being that with strong pitching already... Owens means virtually nothing to you.

        So it's really Miggy for 2 yrs (22mill) vs Jones for 3 yrs (36mill).

        Because you do, in fact, have the middling Werth, and the streaky unknown Martinez in your OF... I think priority has to be given towards the most difficult position to fill with the better player.

        It's Miggy by a mile..

    • I think if you have the chance to win now, you should go all in and trade for Cabrera. If things don't work out for your team next season, you can always trade Miggy to a contender for their top prospect then. The approach here is similar to real baseball where playoff contenders trade for stars with expiring contracst with their prospect/s because making the playoffs is not guaranteed from season to season.

    • Anyone else with some thoughts?

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      • I going to re-post to you on this since I'm up and you haven't got many replies, lol. Keeping the idea that the objective is to win... I don't see how you turn down Miggy for 2 years. Sure maybe it straps you a little more than other deals, but it also increases your chances to win this year and next like 10-fold.

        Additionally... Let's talk some Kris Bryant. Dude's a masher isn't he? Totally freakin raking in AAA right? Some other notable big monster slugging corner infielders whose projected power was comparable to Bryant's when they were in the minors are C.J.Cron, Mike Olt, Jason Heyward, and Matt Davidson. My point being that it is far from a given that Bryan't minor league power for average video game numbers translate to the majors at all, let alone quickly a la Trout, Springer, Harper to a lesser extent. Bryant could be the Cubs' answer to Jose Abreu ....OR he could be the next Mark Trumbo, who isn't a bad player... but wouldn't you rather have a 2-time triple crown winners killing it for you? In all likelihood, he'll probably end up somewhere in-between, but how long will it take him to get there? These are questions you might want to revisit before rejecting an offer of Miggy for guy who has never had an MLB at-bat. Plus you have other pieces to make deals and shed salary if you should need to later. So that's some gristle to chew on for ya...

        This has been a late night message from Baseball Insomniacs-R-US - 2C%L

    • Thanks guys. My hitting right now is McKenry/Buck, Bogaerts, J. Francisco, Utley, Andrus, JD Martinez, R. Davis, D. Peralta, J. Werth, R. Grossman, W. Bloomquist. Plouffe, D. Valencia, and Arenado on the DL. And again, Betts, Bryant and Taveras may help if they come up. Remember it's a 30 team league with 25 man MLB rosters and 15 minor leaguers, so to have those guys plus my insane pitching is very, very good. I think I have a deal lined up for Dee Gordon which may be for Syndergaard straight up. Not sure that's smart, but power is limited and likely not coming my way unless Bryant is in the deal. If anything, Gordon would net me something more than Syndergaard would come the deadline if needed since someone like Gordon can win you the category on his own.

    • Overall you're sitting in a great position. I would say keep Bryant, and trade Syndergaard if you are in dire need of hitting. Bryant's potential is soooo high that you need to get a killer deal to let him go. If I were to make one of the deals I would take Deal 3. Getting Bautista and Crisp would solve you hitting problem this year and give you an easy championship. Also it would give you a lot of salary space when they go off the books if you need to make a few serious offseason moves (trades, signings, etc.)

    • I would take Miggy with the idea that he could help you win your league back-to-back this year and next. Bryant will most likely not debut until next season and while he is obviously a valuable prospect... this is exactly the return value you're looking for on an unknown commodity vs big league pitching like Bryant. I would do this and play to win all day every day.


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