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    I am in a 10 man 6x6 roto league and currently am in 7th place 35 pts off the leader which may be too far out of reach but I can definitely get into second place. I have arguably the best pitching in the league and a few weeks ago completed a trade for Stanton and Ortiz to add some pop but am still in last place in every offense category besides steals. I am constructing a trade to get Encarnación right now that will probably get accepted but still could use advice.

    This is my team as currently constructed ....
    C- Yadier Molina
    1B- David Ortiz
    2B- Jason Kippnis
    3B- Evan Longoria
    SS- Alexi Rameriez
    OF- Giancarlo Stanton, Angel Pagan, Khris Davis
    Uti- Marcell Ozuna, Brock Holt
    BN- Rajai Davis
    DL - Neil Walker, Bryce Harper

    SP- Masahiro Tanaka, Mark Buerhle, Dallas Keuchel, Anibal Sanchez, Josh Beckett, Wade Davis, Jonathan Niese, Jake Arrieta

    RP- Sergio Romo, Joakim Soria, Cassey Janssen, Chad Qualls

    trade i have currently constructed is Longoria, Buerhle and Anibal Sanchez for Encarnacion

    Getting Walker and Harper back in a few weeks definitely opens up possibilities as well ... i will take any and all advice

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    • Be afraid of your pitching. After Tanaka and Sanchez you have a bunch of garbage. Beckett's pitching great but could go south, buerhle has had strong starts to seasons before and came back to earth and is in line for a correction. Keuchel, Davis, Niese, Arrieta are a bunch of question marks. I'm not all that impressed with this staff for a 10 team league.

    • I think thats too much for Encarnacion...Longoria is a lock at 3B, so thats not hte position you need to improve your offence on. Guys like Ozuna and Holt need to be outright dropped for better hitters - who is in the FA pool?


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