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    Serious Question!

    $100 league, 12 team league. Very Competitive League. I have the #2 waiver, do you guys think Heaney is worth the waiver pick-up? Need some input from you experts

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    • to just answer your question, I take it it's an IP capped league, standard yahoo scoring? what do they have, 1400ip? He will probably be useful, and the Marlins are not that bad this year, so given that there won't be any crazy stupid drops like in regular leagues I would strongly consider adding him if you feel your pitching is light.

    • Kinda depends on your needs but as a Marlins fan that follows prospects closely I'm pretty sure he's gonna be the real deal. I'd take the plunge.

    • well im doubting many good players will get dropped and that players are placed on waivers when they are called up, so essentially you need to consider what other players will get called up this year and what fits your needs best. if you think kris bryant will be up by the allstar break and you need a hitter then you pass on heaney and wait. also depends if this is roto or h2h for me, as if it is roto i would rather use my waiver early and get more stats/abs from my players. if its h2h all i would care about is what will help me most for playoffs. heaney will unlikely be the best prospect to get the call the remainder of the year, but i certainly picked him up

    • You play in a $100 league and your asking the Yahoo message board for advice on a waiver move? Would it not be safe to say that Heaney is a highly regarded Starting Pitcher who has a decent amount of hype and that no "expert" whether they write for MLB, Rotoworld, Baseball Prospectus, Yahoo or whoever actually knows how Heaney will perform? This includes the Marlins, Heaney himself and Nostradamus. So you have the #2 Waiver... what do you think slick? I imagine that your own judgment would be sufficient since you play in a money league... but then again, maybe not since you referred to this board community as "experts" lol!!!!


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