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  • the Seanald the Seanald Jun 18, 2014 9:00 PM Flag

    H2H Keeper League TRADE offer: Kershaw/Bruce for Stanton

    I want Stanton. No particulars on this deal. Just gimme the straight up feedback.

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    • No particulars is gonna get you a 1 way ticket down the wrong road amigo -

    • If I were you I'd want that deal to go through too. I love Bruce, I really do - but even when he's right he's way too streaky for H2H. If I were him I wouldn't accept on that reason alone, but after last night Kershaw may be too tempting for him to pass.

    • It's what you should be expecting to get for Kershaw and likely what he should expect for Stanton. I think if I'm the Stanton side I decline it though just based on the idea that SPs tend to materialize out of nowhere moreso than top power hitters... obviously no Kershaws are just going to magically appear but SP pearls do wash ashore more often. If he really needs a top ace he might go for it, but in H2H, you actually might have to fork over more depending on how deep your league is. If it was Roto I think it would be much easier for him to accept... but Stanton is a monster. It's a good offer.


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