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  • Chuz Chuz Jun 14, 2014 12:13 AM Flag

    2 trades that are going down in my league just wanted peoples opinions

    Posey and Loney for Yan Gomes and Matt Adams

    Cobb, Gattis and Votto for Abreu, pagan and joe smith(angels)

    this is a keeper league and the only player in either deal that has keeper value is abreu in rd 6... we only keep 4

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    • Nahh... I would disagree with your assessment that Abreu is the only possible keeper. You must keep in mind, different owners assign value differently. All people do not see players the way you might. I think both deals are fine... no big issues with either from where I sit.

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      • aight, i dont have an issue w the abreu deal, the other deal was suspect...... the posey deal went thru and now strangely they are trading back because of the scrutiny it caused, the main issue w that being that both gomes and adams were FA's just days b4 the trade, and peeps are wondering why the owner just didnt simply pick them up for free if he was willing to trade posey for them...... and now that there trading back hes is making the abreu deal(same owner)........ cobb and votto both have rd 1 keeper value assigned to them so unlikely they will be kept even w 44 players off the board..... keeper value aside tho i still dont have a problem w the abreu deal aside from the timing of it


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