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  • Ian BJH Ian BJH Jun 11, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

    Is this a good return for Tulo?

    Currently 19th of 20 teams, so this is pretty much a hail mary trade for me. Do you think this is enough of a return if I trade away Tulo?

    Tulo for Strasburg & Bogaerts

    It's a 20 team H2H league with standard 5 x 5 categories. I'm in desperate need of pitching, as you can see by my roster below:

    C - Y. Molina
    1B - A. Craig
    2B - Kendrick
    3B - C. Johnson
    SS - Tulo
    OF - Crisp
    OF - Fowler
    OF - Jay
    Util - Freese
    BN - Smoak

    SP - Zimmerman
    SP - Miller
    SP - Liriano
    SP - Nolaso
    SP - McHugh
    SP - Peavy
    RP - Soriano
    RP - Qualls

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    • Right now, you need depth. Try to swing a trade with one of the top 3 teams with you giving Tulo and receiving a top 100 overall SS, 3B, OF, and 2 SP. I wouldn't consider giving Tulo for Stras/Bogaerts.

    • Murdering your offense by going from Tulo to Bogie is not the way to improve your fantasy team.

    • I think it'd be a decent return for Tulo in certain contexts, but I don't recommend the move for you. Looking at your lineup, Tulo is quite literally your only source of consistent power. Hopefully Craig will start hitting, and Molina has flashed good power for a catcher, but it's an asset that is deficient in areas of your team where you really need it in order to be competitive (Johnson at 3b, Crisp/Fowler/Jay in the OF).

      That's not a knock against your fantasy skills; a 20-team league must be very difficult to play. I just think you'll want to hold onto the power producers that you have.

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      • Fair point ... I appreciate the advice. Cheers!

      • you are way too kind...Chris Johnson should have been dropped at the beginning of the year and had this guy been a little more savvy, would have been able to fill that spot. Crip, Fowler and Jay could be the worst OF i've seen in a while...again, had he been a little more savvy he could have filled those rolls by picking up someone...Jon Jay has been on the hot seat all year because of Tavares, its been a story all season...still he's rostered even after his call up...you honestly think Jay is anything other than a Defensive bench player for the Cards when Adams comes back? they gonna sit Craig, Holiday or Tavares? doubtful.

        its the little things...and clear why he's in 19th place in a 20 team league.

    • i understand its a 20 team league, but you are in desperate need of a lot...there really are no other options besides Johnson and Smoak? Jon Jay is irrelevant...

      in answer to your questions, no, not enough for Tulo. is this a keeper league?


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