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  • dave dave Jun 10, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    Morales vs Napoli

    So, I co-manage a team that's had some issues at 1b this season. Started with Fielder, then got by with Tex for a while, then tried Lind after Tex's wrist started to flare up. Toward the end of last week, I grabbed Morales.

    Yesterday morning, I discovered that at some point over the past few weeks, Napoli had been dropped by an impatient owner who needed the DL spot. I dropped Tex for Nap, since I believe that out of Tex/Nap/Morales, Tex is the biggest liability with his injury.

    At 1b, my team now has Napoli, Morales, Carlos Santana, and Lucroy. Now, my question is this - between Napoli and Morales, which one do I drop (or try to move in a trade)? Napoli is a borderline top-20 1b who seems like a lock for .260/23hr. On the other hand, Morales could easily match Nap in hr (rest of season) and better him in avg. I'd just like to minimize the number of times through the rest of the season that I look at a box score and say "I SHOULD'VE KEPT THE OTHER GUY"

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    • I'd rather have Napoli

    • I picked up Morales as an NA but I actually just dropped him for Napoli once I saw where he had signed. If he had joined the Yanks or the Rangers I'd have kept him - but I don't like his fit at all in Minnesota. Not that I like Napoli all that much better but he's in a much better situation - he plays at Fenway. I'd go ahead and drop Morales for Napoli

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      • Thanks, Scott. Your perspective seems to be in line with other stuff I've heard - that Target Field isn't a great place to play, and that Minnesota isn't a great lineup to be in. I think my expectations have been a bit warped because a couple weeks ago I grabbed Willingham to much success, so I hoped to capture more lightning with Morales.

        My league used an NA slot last year but did away with it this year. Really caused a lot of gut checks when it came to guys like Springer, Taveras, Polanco, etc. I've got Heaney stashed right now, but I might let practicality win out and drop him if necessary.


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