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  • russelbertrand russelbertrand Jun 9, 2014 1:50 PM Flag

    jones kid from seattle opening some eyes

    like what i have seen...

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    • Seems like a talented player, but what's your hope for him for fantasy purposes? To me, looking at his numbers, he seems like a poor man's Rajai Davis. Little power (although he did hit 14hr in 126 games in A ball in 2012), .270-.280avg, and 1 steal every 5-6 games.

      Actually, a fair comparison might be Leonys Martin, who I do own on a team I co-manage. A nice asset if you need steals, but he's not someone that I'm keeping on my radar, nor am I at all concerned that someone else is going to scoop him up and make me regret it.

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      • leonys martin is a much better player at this point but i like the comparison... jones has one advantage over martin. The 1 spot. I covet batting order positions, His type of play could allow me to trade say a michael bourn for a decent sp etc. pick him up and be none worse the wear or an alcides escobar. maybe trade them both. one other thing he probably has over martin playing in seattle is the reminder to keep it on the ground, short contact swings. Easy in arlington to try to lift everything


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