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  • Bodacious Bodacious Jun 9, 2014 10:06 AM Flag

    Kendrys Morales or Jon Singleton...for ROS?

    I picked up Singleton last week and he looks like he could be a pretty impressive rookie going forward but when Kendry came available I couldn't convince myself that Jon Singleton would out produce Kendrys ROS.
    Singleton already has 2HR 6RBI 4R and a SB in his first 6 MLB games...but I like the veteran presence of Morales.

    I have Goldy at 1B so Kendrys will be a backup and play UTIL.

    Morales had 23HR last season, 22HR in 2012. My guess is he'll come very close to those numbers ROS...do you think Singleton will out produce Kendrys?

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    • I think you are wrong to roster them both as your last post mentions. You are wasting bench space. Of the two I'd take Kendrys. I doubt Singleton will hit for a high enough average to help.

    • As it turns out... nobody used a waiver on Jon Singleton so I dropped Jake McGee and re-acquired Singleton. So now my 2 bench players are Morales and Singleton. I don't like having two 1B on the bench but Morales has already shown what he can do and he'd been out for a year and Jon looks like he is for real. Neither of them could start for me...so I will just play whoever is hot when Goldy has a day off...and I can also plug then in at UTIL to replace somebody in a slump or a day off.

    • last year kendrys had 23 homers and 80 rbis in 156 games. he definitely wont be playing 100 games from here on out. so that would put him around 15 homers and 55 rbis if he performs well after sitting for a while. morales seems like a boring option and someone who will never get into your lineup. at least singleton has upside and trade value

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      • That's just it...neither of them would ever get into my lineup. I have Goldy at 1B, Gattis & Murphy at UTIL. Gattis misses at least 1 game per week so that's about the extent of playing time they would get on my team. I'm in first place but it's a pretty competitive league so I figured safe pick over risky pick...the FA pool is very very thin. It was more of a gut call than anything. I look at Kendrys in the same light as say a Victor Martinez - he's just a very professional ballplayer. Not saying he's a .300 hitter...but with Kendrys - you know what you are getting and his production ROS should be rather substantial.

    • Singleton without a 2nd thought about it. Singleton has the Ryan Howard type power to be 30+ HR and 100RBI for a pro-rated 162 game season. Morales is past his prime (this isn't 2009) and will be 31 in a week. Morales has only hit for 45HR and 153RBI the last 2 season, which was basically 1 Miguel Cabrera season. Morales is a career .280 hitter which Singleton can compete with as well. Minnesota isn't a very good hitters ballpark and basically I think there are plenty of guys on waivers who can hit .280 23HR and 75RBI. Without a doubt take the chance that Singleton has a monster year in him.

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      • A pro-rated 30+HR 100 RBI season would mean somewhere around 20HR and 80RBI...actually I think Kendry & Jon will put up similar numbers ROS except Jon will not hit for a .280+BA. 31 years old is certainly not past prime. I agree that Jon has a ton of upside and Morales has none...but I really don't need upside. I have a 1st place team and this is my only bench position so I would rather have a proven producer than a rookie.

    • I think if I had managed to grab Singleton, I wouldn't want to drop him for Morales - the upside is just so tantalizing. I like his high bb rates in the minors, and I also can't overlook the fact that the Astros have enough faith in him that they already signed him to a long(ish)-term deal. I think we probably have to temper some expectations though, given that 4 of the 6 RBI came on one swing and he is not a steals guy at all.

      Having said that - I did end up picking up Morales for a team that's 1b-deficient, and I find myself more confident in Morales' ability to produce. As you said, he's a veteran, and he's put together some very good seasons in the past - he's proven that he can hit major league pitching to the tune of .300/30hr.

      I think Morales will outproduce Singleton ROS. However, if I had Goldy at 1b already, then I'd be happy to have either one of them. You can count on Morales to be at least a decent UTIL play for the rest of the year; but Singleton would be a fun experiment since you're not relying on him to be your everyday 1b.

    • I would say Singleton with no doubt, as he has a lot of potential and has played pretty well thus far and i already know what morales is and i dont see him being some huge difference maker.


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