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  • 2C%L 2C%L Jun 7, 2014 4:44 PM Flag

    Will the Real Dee Gordon Please Stand Up

    Dee Gordon had a great April...

    Let's take a look at the value of Dee Gordon going forward.

    For the season Dee Gordon ranks as one of the top 2B/SS

    66 Hits in 230 ABs batting .287 with 33 Runs 18 RBI and 36 SBs ...not too shabby.

    However, Dee Gordon over the last 30 days looks like this...

    22 Hits in 101 ABs batting .218 with 14 Runs 8 RBI and 16 SBs ...one trick pony.

    Basically, Dee Gordon is Eric Young at SS... nothing special if you take away his April.

    I view Dee as a sell-now player as SBs are not a category that I would readily sacrifice the other 4 for.

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    • Dee Gordon is out Billy Hamiltoning the highly over rated Billy Hamilton!!! Folks drafted Billy in the early rounds and I got Gordon off the FA scrap pile. I don't care if you say Gordon is a 1 trick pony. I drafted Profar at the bottom of the draft in 3 leagues and the day Profar went down I grabbed Gordon in 2 leagues. Nobody that knows baseball expects Dee to do anything other than get on base steal 2nd..and score. That's it. That is his job. At his current pace Gordon is going to steal 60-70 bases and score 70+ runs. I'll take it...he complements both of my teams quite nicely thank you. My only regret is I didn't grab him for my 3rd team.

    • I don't know that I buy that Gordon's totally a one trick pony. But if I did... what a trick. I don't know about a small lineup league, but we start CI, MI, 4 outfielders, and I know in a lineup of that size they're not all going to be 30 HR guys. You're going to have at least one Altuve/Andrus type anyway, and if you do, that he can pretty much single handedly win SB for you.... I can get behind that trick.

    • I don't think anyone really believed in anything but his stolen bases. Very impressive 16SB in 30 days with a .218AVG. He must steal every other time he gets on base. There is great value in a SS/2B position than a OF and he can single handedly win steals for your team in H2H matchups or finish in top half in roto.

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      • That's a pretty good counter-argument right there Jigga! No question the dude's got wheels... California Chrome should have taken notes from Dee! I guess what I'm saying is more along the lines of what David Vest posted... that his high-sell window is closing and closing fast... because his plummeting OBP is starting to hurt in categories outside of SBs and his value is dropping rapidly in my opinion. But I like your roto take... it's a good point and works for H2H to alesser extent as well... but aside from the SBs... a guy like Josh Harrison has been as valuable over the last 30 days... point being, Dee Gordon is not the superstar that many fantasy owners might make him out to be and if he's owned it's probably not a bad idea to consider selling.

    • His sell high was like 4 weeks ago and it'll get worse. Maybe someone desperate, who needs SB's and some R's , will make a good deal now. But the window is closing more every week.

    • at min hes a "two trick pony" bc 14 runs each month is pretty legit too....and at SS/2B eligibility instead of OF, thats much harder to find...


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