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  • Kevin Kevin Jun 1, 2014 11:31 PM Flag

    King Felix deals

    Need some help with two potential King Felix deals (I'm moving him):

    1: Felix + Hunter for J. Fernandez, Gray + Ozuna (I wanted Marte but he's not butching)
    2: Felix + Belt + Zobrist for Votto + Marte + G. Cole

    It's a keeper league, well the deals are in different leagues. The first is in a league with 12 keepers and Fernandez and Gray would be keepers, but Ozuna probably not, unless I underestimate his potential. The 2nd deal, we keep 7 keepers and I'll keep Votto, but Marte and Cole are doubtful, since I also have Kershaw, Braun, Cargo, Kinsler, Kemp, Wright, Hosmer. So for the 2nd, is it fair value getting Votto for Felix on long-term basis? I need a big bat there. Or should I target a Stanton or Encarnacion for the 2nd deal, who the same guy is open to moving perhaps.

    All advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    • Thanks for the replies all! Will hold onto Felix unless I get a great deal. There's no reason to deal him with the way he is playing.

    • You're crazy to move the King. His stuff is downright nasty this season and he's getting run support. Could be this years 20+ game winner.

    • I wouldn't do either one. Hopefully Fernandez comes back from his TJ, but it's risky. And You're giving up a lot in that 2nd trade. If you were to move King Felix make sure it's a move that really helps your team.

    • I wouldn't do either if I had Felix...

    • I would really like potential 2, but i think votto will be playing hurt all season when he comes back from the DL. For me Marte over Belt (especially when Polanco starts playing) and Cole over Zobrist. With Votto's DL concerns and only 7 keepers for deal #2, ur best option is probably staying put.

    • I don't really like either of them and you should be in no rush to deal Felix... deal him, but don't be hasty... Ozuna just isn't a suitable replacement for Marte IMO... not when you're dealing Felix.... Gray is going to be great, but does hold as much value as Felix. I would not deal for Fernandez at all... TJ surgery has lots of questions and his re-hab could drag on until next August. Felix for Gray... and build from there or move on to a different owner if he's being too difficult. In deal #2 I would like it a lot more if you were not doubtful that you could keep who you're trading for so I would go after EE or Stanton with Felix as a foundation for your offer.

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      • Thanks for the insight. Really appreciate it. Will back off Fernandez then. He also has McCutchen, Tulo and Freeman so maybe I'll look at those. Otherwise, I'll see if I can find another deal somewhere else, or just hold onto him. As for the 2nd deal, I'm gonna try to target Stanton and see what comes from it. Unless Marte/Cole are better keepers than the others I have? And what to expect from Votto? Is he declining or still has a couple of great years ahead of him?


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