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  • Peter Peter Jun 1, 2014 12:54 PM Flag

    Too much or not enough for Cutch???

    12 team roto
    I'm thinking of offering Werth/Cueto/Byrd for Cutch/Mejia/Pollock. Yes, I know Pollock's injured, I added him to even the roster numbers. He's doing fine in SB & I'm way over the pitch limit, so try to ignore needs for a second & let me know if the value is there or not. Thanks.

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    • What about Cueto/Werth/Cain for Cutch/Mejia/Pollock(DL)??? I also have Cashner or Hammel to plug into Cain's spot if most of you think that'd be better.

    • Not enough for Cutch. u can consider byrd and pollack as negligible in this offer. Based on need, i could see a trade between Werth and Mejia happening straight up. With that said, this trade could be seen as Cutch for Cueto. Not many people will trade Cutch for Cueto straight up. I see Cueto being on par with all those elite pitcher with 3rd rd value (KingFelix, BUM, etc) at the start of the season. Cutch is still a 1st rounder tho

    • No enough imo. But I do like Werth and Cueto, so why no offer it and see what happens? Maybe he counters with something else you both can live with.

    • nope, i wouldn't say its enough

    • I would say that is not enough. Byrd is having a decent year but he is a free agent in a lot of leagues so he and Pollock nobody really cares about so the trade is essentially werth and cueto for cutch and byrd. Cutch is much better than werth and its hard to judge a starting pitcher vs a closer. I guess it depends what you need more. Everyone knows what Cueto is and knows he is pretty good and Mejia is looking like he is going to be a pretty nasty closer.


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