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  • Kevin Kevin May 28, 2014 11:15 PM Flag

    Ortiz Trade Value

    Just wondering what you would say a guy like Ortiz's trade value is in a deep 16-team dynasty league. I'm looking to rebuild and I'm not quite sure what I should be asking for. Should I be looking for any top prospect I can find? Should I be aiming higher for guys like Anibal Sanchez or Gio Gonzalez?

    I'm looking for help at basically any position at this point.

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    • last year I traded Gyorko and Chris Johnson for him in a dynasty league. I think that his trade value is higher now.

    • Ortiz was traded in my dynasty league for Fielder and Cruz (Blackmon was also in Ortiz side but he doesnt really count that much right now)

      but it depends if the other owner needs a 1B, if hes willing to trade for old guys like Ortiz in a Dynasty, your needs

    • is this a H2H league or ROS? I think yahoo did a pretty good job ranking him (50-60) and u should try to get equal (preferably more) value in return for him. especially in H2H league, target teams in WIN NOW mode. A team trying to win this season will surely give up a player like Eric Hosmer (who has been disappointing this season) and a descent prospect for Ortiz

    • No idea what dynasty means. You keep the entire team? If so then you should aim lower than all the guys you mentioned unless you are trading with a contender who really needs Ortiz this season

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      • Yup, we keep almost the full team. Drop only a few players each year.

        Would you take a flyer on guys like McHugh, Keuchel, Richards. Young guys that have yet to prove themselves but have been great early on in the season. Is those guys worth trading Ortiz or am I still aiming too high?


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