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  • Gage Gage May 27, 2014 10:58 PM Flag

    Which side? Cano trade

    Which side would you rather have?
    A- Dee Gordon/Cruz/Blackmon
    B- Khris Davis/Cano/Austin Jackson

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    • A and its not even remotely close.

    • I rather have A...no doubt. This opinion already includes the worse case scenerio of Cruz spending his usual 30 or so games on the DL and Gordon hitting .250-.260 by the end of the season. I just have no faith in Cano hitting close to 20 bombs playing for the mariners. Also I think Blackmon is a legit .300 hitter playing at mile high. I think you can always find davis/jackson type players in FA in standard yahoo leagues

    • I would say it is an easy decision as well. I would rather have A. As IU JIGGA mentioned, Khris Davis and Austin Jackson are essentially waiver wire material so this is essentially Gordon, Cruz, Blackmon for Cano. While I am not necessarily convinced that Gordon and Blackmon can keep it going, and I don't think Cruz would be THIS good all season, the upside for A is too high to turn down. Even if 2 of those guys pan out, you win.

    • Well considering K davis and Ajax are waiver wire material the decision isn't even close. Cano has no power and I'll bank on Cruz crushing him in HR and RBI this season. Then you throw in a SB stud like Dee where you don't have to hunt for steals or take a one trick pony at another position is a huge advantage. Blackmon is just a bonus. TAKE THE DEAL FAST

    • bbumppppp

    • Blackmon came out hot and is a nobody that has since cooled off significantly. Gordon is a one trick pony and Cruz is a slight breeze away from tearing a hammy. No way I move Cano alone for all 3 of those guys. Davis will probably end the year as the third best player in this deal and maybe second depending on how long Cruz lasts. He's starting to heat up and started last year the same way. You should have traded Blackmon a few weeks ago.


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