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  • David Vest David Vest May 25, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

    M.Franco of Phils

    Asche is DL'ed and Phils seriously considering promoting Franco. I know a little about him and also he's starting to hit better lately vs. earlier in season. Think he's worth an add in NL only h2h daily 10 team? Would have to drop one of my RP's---AJ Ramos,Brothers or c.Martinez or Bench players: Quentin,C.Dickerson(Rockies) G.Jones/McGeeHee of Marlins(Rather hold them). Any thoughts appreciated!

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    • Any thoughts on Franco,J.Rutledge or J.Harrison(Pirates)! Think any are an add over my bench as it is? Thanks

    • I would drop McGee if it came down to it. I'm in a keeper league and i've already stashed Franco. I think he has a lot of potential to put up numbers and it is a hitter friendly park.

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      • PJ: BTW while were talking Franco/Rutledge I forgot J.Harrison of Pirates who has been cruising lately and getting a lot of PT too. Thoughts?

      • PJ: Thanks! I'm in NL only h2h daily 10 teamer. I can see the move your suggesting. McGeHee hasn't been the power man but he#$%$ and driving in a lot of runs. I was thinking Dickerson today. With cuddyer back I dropped Stubbs who basically sees LHP's only and kept Corey. But Corey was in once in last 4 games,2 vs. RHP's. Franco could supply the power and coulb ebe a consideration here too. Rutledge has some power and SB potential too which is another cat I could use help in. One reason I kept Corey,HR/SB potential too.

      • I hear what you;re sayin PJ, but stashing Franco as a keeper and carrying him in a 10team daily are very different. The odds of Franco making any significant impact are slim to none from a daily perspective... but I don't think you're wrong in what you say.. just not for David's format... you're not going activate Franco off your Keeper NA slot just because he gets called up are you?

    • David: got your re-direct to come here via your other post... just checking in on my teams and see how the board is getting along, lol... anyway, my thoughts of Senor Frano are as follows... he was the favorite to win the 3B job in spring training and considered the better prospect over Asche... so far Asche has beat him to the punch on both. Franco disappointed in March and was sent back to the farm... Asche stayed with the big club and performed better than most anyone expected... showing some surprising pop to boot. I would not go dropping anybody for Franco at this time... maybe he'll be good, maybe he won't ...nobody knows, but IF he gets called up, I would not go making any major changes to my roster in order to pick him up. I think Rutledge is a much more proven and safer bet to perform... although he doesn't help if you need a 3B. If you are looking for help at Infield depth, I think Wilmer Flores is swinging the stick ok, as is Josh Harrison, and the Dodgers just brought up one of their many Cubans, Arrubuena (sp?). Lots of little infield terriers runnin around to shoose from, I would not look for Franco to make much of an impact, that's if gets called up at all.

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      • This add,if I do it, would be for utility/backup. I have prado so 3B.2B and OF are covered. I was asking if Rutledge or franco would be an improvement over my bench players. Also Harrison IS a FA and your correct he's seeing a lot more PT and producing. My bench, 2C: C.Dickerson(Rockies),G.Jones,McGeeHee and Quentin. McGeeHee & Jones I'd like to keep as they've been producing well all season. RP's I could drop: AJ Ramos,Brothers,C.Martinez but they've all done well also. Any thoughts now!

    • Any other opinions on franco IF promoted! Thanks alot

    • I don't know why they would promote anyone right now. They can wait a couple weeks and have an extra year of control.


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