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  • Jay Jay May 19, 2014 9:54 PM Flag

    Dee Gordon Owners

    Alex Guerrero is red hot and should be coming up in June. Time to sell high and cash in on Gordon

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    • If Guerrero gets called up, Dee Gordon will bite his ear off like Miguel Olivo did.

    • I own Gordon and have Guerrero in my n/a slot, so I'm not concerned about it. But I would predict if Guerrero gets called up he won't take Gordon's job unless Dee falls into a serious slump.

    • Uribe will be the odd man out.

    • They said they are starting to play Guerrero at SS and 3rd base now. They need Gordon's speed at the top of the lineup. They aren't going to just bench one of the best players right now. Uribe is the one who could be at risk if Guerrero can play 3rd. If anything I think this is a bad sign for Hanley and the Dodgers going forward. With Guerrero already in hand, they might not want to pay Hanley 130+ million.

    • or, hanley goes on DL and gordon slides over to SS making room for Guerrero?

    • From what I've gathered, you're a Dodgers fan who is VERY excited about Guerrero. I saw this thread title and knew you'd be talking up Guerrero, and I was prepared to take it with a grain of salt.

      Then I actually looked at Guerrero's season game log. Holy #$%$ - 110ab, .355 avg, .403 obp, 6 doubles, 9 hr, 16:6 k:bb.

      It's unfortunate that Gordon has been one of the few really consistent bright spots for LA this year. If Uribe wasn't hitting almost .300, I'd say maybe the Dodgers could shift Guerrero (or Gordon) to 3b. And there are a lot of teams who would probably be happy to shift Guerrero to the outfield, but LA already has enough startable outfielders.

      Guerrero doesn't seem to have a lot to prove in the minors, but Gordon has turned things around from last year and is looking like a .300/75sb/100r player. It will certainly be interesting to see what the Dodgers end up doing.

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      • Gordon "turned things around from last year" is probably a little bit of an understatement - but I understand what you mean. Gordon was .300BA guy in 2011 his rookie year with 24SB in just 56 games. He was leading MLB in SB in July of 2012 when tore up his knee. He was essentially a "rehab" on the field last year - playing his way back into shape. He is back to playing the way he played in 2011 & 2012 - and throughout his minor league career where he was the Dodgers #1 prospect and a minor league MVP. The fact is Gordon is an excellent prototype leadoff guy (the guy everybody was hoping Billy Hamilton would be this year) - and the Dodgers have to find a way for he an Guerrero to co-exist.

    • Well I picked up Gordon in 2 leagues the day Profar went down and I am not going to give him away for scraps. At the end of the day the Dodgers are going to have to find a way to keep Gordon in the lineup - or trade him. They are grossly underperforming as a team expected to "win now" and Gordon has been one of the few bright spots. They would be awful and probably in last place if NOT for Gordon They are a much better team with Gordon and Guerrero in the lineup...somebody else needs to be benched (probably and OF). Either that or they may use Gordon for trade bait to another contender. He is too good to ride the bench.

    • i would say early season sell high candidates were abreu, blackmon, gordon, dozier, tanaka, and cueto. i would definitely consider moving any of these guys if i owned them, but some like to keep their breakout candidates. i think selling high is a stronger move in roto than h2h but either way i think selling players high has worked out pretty well over the last couple years (aside from trout of course). i remember seeing some of the offers for matt kemp and josh hamilton in 2012 and im pretty sure every owner who sold high was very pleased with their decision

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      • The problem that I've run into is that the Abreu, Blackmon, Gordon, dozier are not the sexy names so its tough to get good value. I've found out its best to wait it out because there is at least a 50-50 chance after 2 months into the season that they will continue the tear and have career years. And the downfall for me particularly is that my teams generally lack speed so guys like Gordon and Dozier really help making it even harder for me to move.

    • lmao ok


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